hello hello hello I'm dead crow and i am the barefoot craftsman you the barefoot grasping my stuff this time on the barefoot craftsman we're going to do the coin toss to find out whether we're going to build a swinging bench or some barstools so we're going to go out to the garage and now the phone rings hear it phone calls are good and now that that's taken care of let's go back out to the shop and see what's going on hi I'm Sofia crow and I'm the Barefoot craftsmen's life let's get to it we're me myself and I will do the coin toss I'd like to say that I'm very afraid of the three of them together and what might happen I am me and I will be the referee here in this coin toss I have with me one American half-dollar coin and I have to say now that I've you know thought further and there's gonna be a foursome tonight and that works just fine for me one side is the heads which will represent the bench on the other side is tails which will represent the bar stools I only is he a rugged creator of wooden things he cooks to do you i accept the terms of this coin toss yeah I guess okay like and the foursome I'm keeping my distance from that guy yeah definitely that one no I you don't gas either know or you don't know it's either a yes or no okay then I do I accept do you myself accept the terms of this coin toss sure I do man this is interesting okay then the toss tails it is myself do you acknowledge that it is tails yes I acknowledge I acknowledge that it is tails I do you acknowledge that it is tails uh yeah sure I do yeah definitely that one I see it its tail's seeing's how both parties myself and I acknowledge that it is tails then the bar stools will be the first project that will be done I you understand that you are now implicated in the cause of building a bar stool uh yeah I do I guess we'll get to it let the work come this no isn't that something and yay I get my stools my stools my stools my stools hurry uh well the first thing I always do when I have no idea what the hell I'm building well I do have an idea of what I'm builtin it's a bar stool is I usually try to make a sketch so I get an idea of what I need and today I'm making a bar stool so I've gotta come over here at my easel and I've got some basic sketches here on a scrap piece of paper that I worked out yesterday and what I got is I got my basic chair shape here here's kind of looking at the front here's kind of looking at the side and the top and over here what I've got is this is this is the part of the chair that is that's where everything's happening it's the to do part and these pieces are this little rectangle box here here you're way across here they represent slats that I'm going to put on the seat of the chair and I've got a side rail here and the reason why I've got a lot of things going on here is if you look at this part right here this is the side basically what I want is I want this seat part of the chair to flip up this way and the front legs these right here I want them to fold up this way so that the so that this stool that's going on our bench art this stool that's going at the bar oh okay so though he's talking like it we do not have a giant bench house no more do we operate an illegal bar in our house these dolls are being created for nothing more than breakfast or at our high counter in our kitchen what I'm going to do here is I'm going to make a bar stool that folds up flat so that I can put it in a closet or slide it under a bed or something like that so this thing will fold up flat so it'll end up being what flat ok so I'm that was a lovely demo of his ability to demonstrate the concept flat flat flat flat flat and the way that's going to happen again is the seed part or full will swing up this way and these legs will swing up that way and the seed will be have to be hinged here and they'll have to be some screws set screws or I mean bolts screws here here and also here and here so that I can fold this thing up and of course they'll need to be some stops so that's what this area isn't going to cut a notch in this side rail here and run a piece of wood from this leg to the light behind that and should fold down be stationary stationery is a lovely word but let us hope they do not turn into giant pieces of paper there's my sketches okay so that drawing of a chair kind of looks like a torture device I worked out what my wood is in my hardware and looks like i need about four two by fours and an assortment of assortment he is using big words today doing the design brings out the best in him in his ability to communicate like a human 5 16 inch diameter nuts bolts washers and sleeve bushings or you can actually use a spacer so I actually went the cheap route and bought a spacer and let's get to it during a design process of figuring out how I wanted to make this bench stool I measured the counter at which these bench school is are going to sit and I determined that they need to be approximately 28 inches off the floor to the sea now the back of this thing has to be the back of the bench has to be or the back of the stool why do I don't you calling this thing a bench my stools my stools the hell's wrong with me it's a stool my stools my stools it's a folding stool for the bar no more do we operate an illegal bar it's a folding stool for ethic kitchen high counter my stools my stools it's a folding stool it's a stool not to be confused with puppy not to be confused with poopie oh yeah I'm not supposed to say that anymore poopie I know they're fine sentence brought to you by the barefoot craftsman who we put me put people people people people be okay now he's doing that poopy dance dude you suck anyway I got a couple of two-by-fours here and I need them to be 44 inches this is for the back two legs of the stool and what I did was I took a look at them and found out where the knots were on these particular to play for us because i don't want knots in my legs I don't want to have a whole lot of knots in my legs because they get all crampy no I mean in the bar stool don't put any knots in your legs if you can avoid it keep the knocks out of your legs not did you know a knot is formed from a branch coming out of the tree okay so so I didn't know that about the knots yep anyway 44 inches and I've inspected these four knots and decided that I want these two so I'm just going to measure them off and then cut them poke myself in the eye poke dude stop in the eye this is an auspicious beginning and my prediction is that the stools will turn out very well now cut these you don't really need to be too specific I think he wanted to say you know you don't need to be real precise about it so I'm just going to use a power against all good just going to use a power circular saw and chow yeah show the kickback show it over and over and over good thing they don't need to be good with the cut head little kick back there and that happens that happens when you're put your wood wrong what I did wrong there I should have the wood extending over with one piece ready to drop off and the other piece laying and tacked on the benches okay got my two pieces for it or they are the rear legs now I got to think about what I'm going to do next okay all right if you're wondering why I'm sitting here on the floor it's because I'm tired no not really tired i want to show you how i determine where i wanted the seat to be how high off the floor what i did was i measured from the floor to the top of the counter and then i measure from my ass sitting on the floor to where about I wanted the counter to be good lord this is more Appalachia measuring now and he's using his ass so I'm thinking it would be nice the camera was right about here it's asked I think that would be very about right and that is a solution measuring ass elation measuring about 17 inches from my ass it's asked or the floor it's asked the bottom of my ass my ass bottom to the top of the counter I'm confused my ass bottom to the top of the counter so with that 17 inches known what i can do is i can subtract what it is from the floor 5 the counter and then back down to where I want my has to be its ass I'm confused so 44 minus 17 okay the next two pieces I'm going to cut are the top side pieces that will be hinged well they're not hinged the top two side pieces that will get a bolt through them they need to be 16 inches long so why 16 inches what foul body part did he use to determine that so again i'm going to inspect the piece of wood for knots because i did one not ending up right where I want my bolt and looks like we can use this piece bleh ok so there's wood chips lying everywhere and no goggles okay now those are two pieces are cut so we had asses and poopy and no safety goggles just another day in the shop stop back next time when we continue work on the barstools until then goodbye goodbye goodbye a solution measuring ass elation measuring

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