DYI Build a Hobby Paint Rack “Space Hulk Style”

hey YouTube this is David with Richter scale studios take you to break from the train project right now zombie cool painting gave me some inspiration to build a paint rack I have the minute air coming in I have the full line of game color on the full line of army painter I have a lot of game color we're not I have all the game color I have a lot of model color and then I have freak flex I have the the Freak flex tints so I am going to make to paint rocks I'm taking some of his idea but trying to make it a little bit cheaper a little bit easier first off I bought some quarter inch pre-cut plywood for the base it's supposed to be two foot by two foot about twenty three and seven eighths by twenty three and seven eighths then this is I bought eight to eight foot lengths of 3/4 inch I guess it's one by three but it's 3/4 inch by Chu and something pre pre primed pine that's hard to say and for the shelves I've just really thinking about it and trying to set me really down and dirty and cheap doesn't take a lot of skill so I thought about how about this is called lost it for a second drywall bead so this goes on the corners when they do a sheetrock in your house this is what they reinforce the corners with and they tape it then this is whether you paint over to keep your corners nice and straight so this is a corner piece this will be for let me grab one of these bottles all the bottles that I stand straight up and that'll be basically all the Minatare and these freak flex and there'd be a couple other ones like some pots of p3 and stuff like that that's perfect fits nice on there and that'll bend a little bit back more so you have plenty of room then the model colors and the game colors and the Reapers I'm going to take this piece I'm gonna cut them out to size for the shelf then I'm going to pound them and increase this shuffling see who's got this big round in it so I'll bend it right there pound it out then we'll have this and get almost is leaving like that to it we can check that maybe save us a step and to see how that bends up and they have a nice little storage right that way the smallest screws I can find where half inch screws and a quarter inch that's not going to go all the way through it so what I'm gonna do over there cause you're walking over here I got some little quarter-inch mouldings so I'm gonna put these like maybe see it see how small that is cubbies in small little areas then pre-drill them and then maybe do two three or four I'm not sure how strong I need to make it and put the screws through there into the backboard of the shelving so I'm so far what I've done cut that she'll be nice to take a miter box I don't know of any ones these are pretty inexpensive I recommend picking these up I've been using this a lot for a lot of different projects and it comes with a saw and you just have you're gonna have your tables got straight 30-degree and 45 or this which which way is your point five or 45 so half of 45 so I just throw it in there 45 45 45 measured out 23 7/8 at the very tip of it right here so that's when you cut it so you put your ID you're lying right there and cut through and that's where I got those four pieces at so I'm just gonna work on this first box right now I'll be back with more parts of this and I'll do a price list all this has been purchased at Home Depot and I'm making it at Lowe's I don't know about you guys in the UK I'm gonna have to Home Depot there or not I figured they might be a national company by now but um that's it right now thanks for joining me and we'll be back thanks I am back I am just drilling the frame together this is down and dirty with some uh some black wood screws I've laying around cut this with the miter box obviously at a 45 degree angle and putting some of our terrain stuff together I have made a 45-degree angle out of Legos I usually use for putting together plaster pieces from Hirst arts well I'm using that to set up my 45-degree angle then I'm going to pre-drill it then hit it with the screws so they'll do that on camera real quick I'll be right back I might lose you a low-battery but let's just drill this real quick can I get a good eyeball on it and there's get backs it out real quick no camera drill those out real quick there's two puppies already last piece on the gramma frame then we'll just map this on to the back border we're done so that's it for right now I'll be back in a while Thanks yeah I'm back real quick yeah I got the frame together and I'm starting to install the bull bull nose and I got past the problem with the screws being a half inch and having a quarter inch board on the fact to keep it light well I got some one inch by a quarter inch molding put it on the back of the bull nose just kind of just fixed it with some masking tape rested on these bottles here and then these will come out a little bit more but that's okay there's gonna be out a little bit further they're very secure in there especially you have it all stacked and I think we're gonna have almost what 44 would be 44 bottles per row so that's a lot of sorry about that the camera died or the battery died in the camera so now you see it's starting to work out I had to use this molding like I said before and this ran just pre-drilled it and then I ran three screws and it is in there solidly and there we got so we've got a 100 and 150 to paint this there flat 44 times 388 no 128 132 so that's right there you can have 132 paints as its setting right now so that is pretty nice so I have to go make a run to Home Depot and buy some more of the molding and more of the bullnose I went through that real quick plus obviously we're going real quick with that I've got plenty of the l-shaped drywall bead for the taller bottles that are coming in and that is it for now thank you for joining me and please comment subscribe and suggestions are great too Thanks okay there we have 23 paints on a row so we got one two three four rows so that's eighty ninety two paints I can hold so far and we have a long way to go it's gonna be a lot smaller for these these one ounce I'm not sure if that's the minute chairs gonna be that same dimension as a freak flex but I have the feelings to me around there and those about three inches tall so they'll be enough to fit the whole line of paint in there but I think this is I'm going to put another two shelves of this in and then maybe a couple more because I can fit these are mostly all my with some of my usual model colors and these are all my backup paints like keeping a container for my spares so that'll be fright now I will do some more of this and get this done thanks for joining me there hi this is David again I'm just gonna show you how I cut a quick shelf this is the galvanized steel it's very kind of thin but it's plenty to strength to hold off the paint so I'm just gonna make a quick mark right there I got this all set up on a small workmate and a couple solid forces to keep it stable and these are I'm gonna see them on this the Lighting's kind of bad on the side of the garage some fat Mac's Stanley cutters that go through this is my paper watch it real quick well then that's come on the other side real quick we're done I recommend taking some filing this a little bit it hits sharp I'm fortunate that I have a granny wheel in my workshop and you'll see a have a little demonstration that somewhere in this video but that's it for now thanks for joining and that I'm going to show you how I install the shelf real quick basically you know I take the galvanized bulldoze drywall bead and then a piece of one inch by quarter inch molding let's give you the back part of this since we have such long screws going into this is not very long through but the shortest reach I could find to do with this and what we're going to do is a guide to help us put this together is just going to take the wood and the bowl those together real quick there's a couple pieces of off-camera way to start off that I'm just taking some masking tape this is some cheap regular masking tape and putting it together we're a lay it in here take some of our paints that we're going to be using as a new model phone we're going to store here these are just your standard vallejo's so you put Vallejo and you're gonna fit Reaper you fit army painter any of those paints with this and I'm doing this little amount of tools as possible so you're not even measuring anything just using it like an eyeball on it making sure they fit nice kind of snugly but not too snug so you want to have room to be able to pull them in and out and I'm not gonna fasten anything down there not my drill ready to go I have a small bit in here I'm using the guide holes of the loin into three holes one on each side and wait a minute turns out to be exact but you want to be close so you know if it's sturdy enough and switch this out real quick to my screwdriver bit and then I got my screws attached this handy little magnet thing on here I'm not going to put these all the way in at first she's going to get the driven in make sure that feels pretty good you go on the far side over here again and make sure we got it nice grabbing it but not too much hold that down start it in then we're going to put the middle one in all the way then go back to those two and that is it and I can just rip the tape off see if I can pull this look so far and there we go we have a good paint rack so we got a one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten so there's a two hundred and thirty paints right there if you wanted that's probably more than enough I have I probably over that I have my carousel for my game color this is going to be all for my model color my Reapers I have army painter say I bought for a fun and excitement so I can price that in there and then I want to start making taller shelves for the Freak flex and the Minatare I'm making a whole accent of mention have its own separate storage rack but this is these next shelter to be taller so you can put in p3 you put it in your GW if you want come on so my phileo gold colors let Sodor be more of a catch-all rack the probably about three and a half inches tall these I'm not sure what the hype is on these but because there's an eyeball on them it's has really matter so we got an inch and a quarter yeah about inch and a quarter each one and that's his I've on it and we're actually pretty close on each one actually it was a little thicker that's okay so that's just right now um thank you for joining me and please subscribe and I'll talk to you soon thanks and I'm back everyone we have the green still this up real quick we had the basic construction done I'm looking pretty good I had a little crooked noose on the top shelf got that fixed so I'll be a little bit more but hey it's still gonna work also I decided to trick it out a little bit I bought these wooden plugs these are 5/16 flathead plugs just drilled a couple holes here and there and these bad boys just kind of will fit in there and get some wood glue to fix them in and then we're gonna have rivets on this thing so I told you I'm gonna do this like an ax rusted metallic motif tell me some interest to the studio upstairs I just make it something kind of you know personal and you want to get all that done I'm gonna hit it with some rust primer then sponge it some cheap paint coat it up with some satin varnish then we're gonna try the hairspray technique on this thing so we'll sponge with all rust colors oranges yellows and Browns and reds and then try the hairspray technique I bought a bunch of hairspray from the dollar store and then we are gonna airbrush or some cheap craft metallic paint I don't put a expensive paint in this and then we'll see how it turns out well I really appreciate you joining me and we'll Veck soon thanks oh I am back one more time this backing wood I'm using for the bull nose to attach it to the plywood cuz of the screws length I'm running out of it and it's 71 cents a foot which is not totally pricy but I found at my local hardware store uh there's a little bit different dimension might not work I might have to double it up possibly sorta don't want it costing more but this is a yardstick for a buck twenty nine so maybe there might work things out we're not sure but we'll get back and give you an update on this Thanks I am back regarding the using the yardstick thing I don't want to all the way down to my home depot which is probably 15 miles away and with my truck at 10 miles a gallon a little bit more on a good day at 12 I'm going to use these double them up I'll be fine we'll get a get a couple uses out of it and also I use these also for a miniature painting scan so the scrapple will go really useful too so that's it for right now thanks and I'm back once again I mentioned I uses the 5/16 flathead plugs and I installed this is a totally unnecessary step but this is gonna make it look kind of trick as I say I'm gonna do the metallic colors and rust and some rivets just add a little nice touch to it so I think that I'm going to cut this as part one because then we'll go into the priming and paint so I hope you enjoy and I got a thank savage models for the original painting rack i'll have that another video a little harder to do i did the routing thing and the feeling of hitting the shelves and zombies are cool painting the inspiration for this basically i just went a little different direction on some of the shelving and I made it mean a little more simple I didn't usually bolt nuts and bolts it's all wood screws a little bit of molding the bull nose stuff guys ran across at the store they didn't have any plastic quarters that some of the bull nose in plastic was very flimsy though it kind of figured it'd hold the way to paint so whatever he had was awesome I didn't didn't have available to me so I did what was best available and could improvise with it and I think it turned out pretty good it's gonna hold a lot of paint like I said what 206 the Vallejo type bottles and then we have the free flex and then we have Vallejo gold we got the other freak flex we got excuse my camera action the p3s plenty of those fit in there and that's it for right now thank you for joining me and we back with part two of this and we're still working on the train but getting sidetracked thanks the zombies are cool paintings video and we'll see you soon thanks

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