DIY Wood Photography Board Backdrop

I created a wooden backdrop for taking pictures and videos here's how I did it on the snowy January day I drove myself to home deep one of my favorite stores for DIY projects I went to the hobby wood section where they sell oak and poplar planks wood all pre-cut in various lengths and widths I ended up buying 10 poplar planks that were two feet long two and a half inches wide and a quarter inch deep as well as two planks that were just as long and deep but only an inch and a half wide I also bought wood stain in a walnut shade I would also need wig glue to glue the wood together naturally and that takes care of materials I already had brushes at home to apply the stain and so I worked on my living room floor here and I protected it with some leftover Christmas paper and I also needed some coins so that doesn't make any sense now but I'll explain it later okay so I started laying the planks of the wood on the floor I was going for more of a backyard deck look as opposed to a country kitchen counter look and by that I mean I want the planks to have small gaps in between them so to achieve this look I put quarters in between the wood planks 1/4 on each end of all the gaps Canadian quarters are thinner than nickels and are thicker than dimes and of course we don't have pennies anymore so the quarters worked out perfectly and of course this is just my preference you can use any coin you like – you know how earlier I said I needed wood glue for this project well that wasn't incorrect but I already had something in my house that I thought would do the trick a year and a half ago I gave my bathroom a little Renault and I had some leftover adhesive caulking about half a toothbrush so I figured it was good enough to put here rubber wood – ceramic it was good enough to attach these pancakes in wood planks so I use that instead I squeezed out the caulking close to but not quite at the ends of each of the wood planks pretty simple then I took the skinnier wood planks and said on top of the cocking I press it down and then I use the other plan to kind of line them up then I do the same thing on the other side within a few minutes I press down each side again at that point I was done for the day it was time to let things set overnight the next morning I flipped it over and this is what it looks like the adhesive caulking worked it was dry I was happy and now was time to start the staining I turned the can of stain on its head to let the pigment that sell to the bottom work its way through out the tin the stain was brand new so I wasn't worried about it spilling out but if you're working with a semi used canna stain you're gonna want to be careful when doing this anyway I gave it a shake open it up sit my brush and then I started staining I worked with a variety of brushes throughout this project the sponge brush was okay but it was really absorbent and I didn't squeeze out the same before I touched the wood so it was a bit on the heavy side but oh well no big deal I use a skinnier brush and it applied well it was little tedious because it was too small but it did the trick but it worked really well when getting in between the planks if I miss a step the light appearance of the cracks would have released it out now I have a slightly wider brush which made for light work Oh FYI wood stain sinks like it really really stinks if you're not able to use the stain outdoors then make sure you stain in a very well ventilated area this is very important it was a really freezing day when I did this it was minus 8 degrees Celsius outside and that 17 degrees Fahrenheit and it felt even colder with the wind chill I had my balcony door open the whole time I was so uncomfortable I was so cold but it was necessary so always keep safety in mind working with noxious chemicals this is what it looked like after two coats as you can see to the planks look really different from the others and not a good way I should have noticed when I bought them that they had a bit of a greenish hue to them almost as if they'd been pressure treated or something this was not the look so after a few hours when the stain had dried I attempted to remove them after some cajoling with a mini screwdriver a flat piece of metal from some old recessed lighting and some gentle elbow grease they came off pretty seamlessly I had to go back to Home Depot to get two replacement planks I glue them in like I did the others and painted those over the same way I did the other eight at the end here's my finished product it's an excellent backdrop for videos but it's an even better backdrop for pictures and that's it

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