DIY Wood Burning Technique – That’s not Shou Sugi Ban! Or is it??

what's up guys on this episode of 
Build Dad Build I'm going to show   you guys how to get that burnt wood 
finish that I love so much you might   even called it Shou Sugi Ban all right 
guys before we get to the burn and I   figured we go over a couple of tools 
I'll link to the tools I use down in   the description down below or tools 
like mine so I have three different   torches now when I started out I have 
one torch so you don't need all these   torches to start out as I continue 
to burn more projects I just wanted   to branch out a little bit so first 
here's Big Daddy this is also used   to kill weeds I think if you look up 
weed torch you'll find this on the   Googles and this hooks up to a propane 
tank like you'd have on your grill I   actually just used the same one that 
I use on my gas grill this is what I use when I need to burn a lot of material 
or I have a large surface area because   you get a smaller torch and it just 
takes forever speaking of a smaller   torch this is the torch I started out 
with I have since this is just a can of  propane man propane torch had used 
to have this nozzle on it switched   over to a quick quick igniter and if 
you look the mouth on that's a little   wider this is a little thinner I use this 
now for detailing so when I want to get   to like kind of a little more go into a 
small piece and this is my third torch this has a very specific use but we'll 
get to that later now let's talk about   the boring stuff safety you may not see 
it on camera but I have this behind the   scenes every time I'm gonna burn any 
sort of material first it's just a big   bucket of water y'all know what water 
looks like right the main reason I use   this is if I have a smaller piece and it 
catches on fire and I can't get it under   control I can throw it in the bucket I 
can also pick the bucket up and dump it   on a larger piece if I need to never had 
to do that but it's always sitting right   there what I use most often is just 
this little spray bottle of water I   use this mainly to keep flare-ups to 
a minimum sometimes that you know one   piece of just a little corner so it'll 
catch on fire and I'll keep burning and   last as far as fire prevention goes 
it's a fire extinguisher ain't cheap   but I'd rather have one and not need it 
than need one and not have one 2 other   safety related items one safety glasses 
people are like Nick what do you need   safety goggles when you're burning stuff 
well sometimes you get a little bit of   a sap that'll pop off especially around 
knots and I've actually had it get me in   the arm and it is not pleasant when 
it's heated up to where it's so hot   it's it's popping because it's pretty 
much boiling at that point in time I   don't want hot sap on eyeballs so our 
safety glasses and the other thing is   a pair of gloves it's just when you're 
handling the material it's still hot   sometimes if you're holding the piece 
like a smaller piece you may not really   have thought through the direction 
that the heat is going to travel   and sometimes it can travel right up 
there and get you so I always just a   pair of work gloves mainly so you can 
reach down and grab a piece after it's   been freshly burned and you don't 
really have to worry about it burning you so once you get to this point you 
can be done but you can't take this   further which is what I'm gonna do 
right now we have your mid-tones   and your darks what I'm gonna do is 
I'm going to come in and with just a   little bit of sandpaper I'm gonna hit 
some some some areas to just kind of   get through a little bit of that 
Brown down to some lighter color   again this is a step that most of 
the time you don't see anybody do   because sanding is boring but I 
probably won't have a lot of the   actual sanding on video but I wanted to 
mention this step because this is where   you can take your pretty good-looking 
piece and make it a little bit better first we have this piece that I did 
it's blue stain pretty cool Next up I just have a like a natural stain 
that you'd use on pine that gives   it kind of that gold color next I use 
the little Maker Brand Simple Finish   this stuff is amazing and I I really 
hope the depth of what this looks like   translates onto camera and this last 
one was kind of a surprise hit I I got   some some bleach stain and when I put 
it on it it just looked grey it looked   like it washed all the contrast I was 
really bummed out but once I wiped it   off oh so good look at that I really 
have to finish something like this now   it looks amazing alright guys that's 
it ope you dig'em my neighbor's mowing his lawn seriously oh look at those ridges
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have a new video up until next time   guys thanks for playing let's get to 
work Oh wait I didn't tell you about the   last torch I told you this torch 
has a very specific purpose correct and that is how you smoke a 
cocktail see you next time

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