DIY Wine Barrel Fruit Bowl

hello welcome to war fries guide to building a fruit bowl using a wine barrel Kyle is letting me have a go to share one of my projects with you so I hope it goes alright as you can see this is our wine barrel it fallen apart and been left in the garden for a while so if you have a new barrel you might be able to skip some of these steps because our wood wasn't in great Nick when we got to it the first thing you have to do is drill holes for your dowels to join the slats together our wine barrel was a meter tall of just over three foot so I use freaked-out along the length of it there's heaps of tutorials out there on how to line up doubt joints properly but we did it the easy way you just put a spike in each hole that you've drilled hit it with a hammer and leaves a mark showing you where to drill the next once all the days were in put it together just to check it all lined up properly but next time I probably wouldn't do this again because it was hard to fall apart and it lined up better once I started using the glue so now it's time for gluing it starting with one side you cover it up with a good quality good working glue making sure to fill the dowel hole and then you just have to line each plank up and put it together one after the other putting as much pressure on each plank as you go once it's done clamp it together tightly as you can see I use way too much glue and I've got it everywhere but probably better to have too much and not have it fall apart later on don't worry too much about the little holes you might find neither cracks you can fill them again later on once the glue is dried start sanding I use the mix of a belt sander and orbital sander and sanding pads on the grill it may be cut back a lot but the Kimber underneath was in great condition as you go keep some of the sanding dust and then you can mix it in with some of the glue that you've got and paint it into any of the cracks sand this back and you'll have a nice even finish over the whole surface because I needed to sand it back so much I lost the original wine-soaked color of the wood so to fix this I just painted on some cheap one to get the coloring back probably made it a little bit too dark so then I had to sand it back again but in the end we've got the color we wanted to make the base glue two planks together using the same method work out how to cut it for the best balance I'll just place the beams over a container to trace the cut lines on each side and this meant that's pretty stable which is obviously important when you've got a curved piece of wood and you don't want your ball to tip over once you've made it to attach the base sanded the flat patch underneath the bottom of the main Bowl part to give it a good joint and then you use the Dow's again and way too much glue again but once again it's a nice nice solid finish after a quick coat of varnish this is the end result it's a great looking fruit bowl perfect for using for stop motions slow Rd camera movements and of course for keeping the fruit ready for the kids I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial head over to our blog at Wolfram /blog for other tips and tricks that's it from me

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