DIY utility trailer – sides and ramps for cargo

okay hello and welcome to another episode of BigRredFishDad YouTube channel. Today we were going to get some bass road base for some of the holes down there that wash out in the rain on the hill and we decided you know that the dirt gets caught in the in between these angling arms here and so we just went got some 2x12s and we're going to put a little kind of cage in here whatever you want to call it some boards to prevent that tarp from falling in back here so all I'm doing is going to put a bolt right here and a bolt right here that way it can be easily removable and same thing up front put bolts and on the other side and then back here let me take you around we're going to bolt us a piece of angle iron to the back of the front or whatever of this so that way we can have like a little tail gate type thing and you know so we'll just be able to put our board you know our extra two by twelve back here and we'll have a piece of angle iron screwed to this or bolted or whatever so that way we'll have like a little you know kind of dump trailer ish you know it's kind of some sides like we have our little lawn mower trailer so I'll just get to work and y'all can uh just be fast forwarded okay so there's one side installed and once we get the dirt pushing against it you know they're not going to go anywhere so those bolts are mainly just for when we're going down the road okay so got these cut no there's the other so this is how it's going to be mounted it's not going to be mounted to this piece it's going to be mounted to this piece so um but this is just let me show you so I'm going to drill three 3/8 holes here for some 3/8 carriage bolts and that's going to be like that okay and then I'm going to get a barrel bolt and I'll drill a hole in the steel or the wood or wherever it ends up and that will be used to hold this piece this piece up on whenever there's not dirt or you know just just kind of lock it in that way they flop it everywhere so I gotta go get some bolts and barrel bolts so I'll be back.

Okay so I got my pieces drilled as you can see there are going to go like this and okay so I met and got some bolts and some barrel bolts it'll focus so there you can see and I got my piece drilled I'll there you can see three holes in it I don't know why this camera is making this lighting like this but anyway so I'm going to put it on here and spot through the holes and bolt the angle iron pieces on both sides so I just undid two bolts and then took it off so I'll do that and then I'll get back to you okay so as you can see I got the angle iron all bolted on there and you know the carriage bolts are sticking through so I'm gonna cut the excess threads off there just so I can have a longer board right there that's really the only reason and then I'll clean it up and then I'll bolt these side pieces back on so let me get all that done and we'll get back to you okay so there it is once again that lighting I don't really know what's happening here but anyway it's it's done it's good nice and solid cause you see it's moving the trailer let me show you what I did on the inside here so over there you can see a barrel bolt and there's another one on on this side right down there so I just use that for securing this way and it works it works really good so you know there's kind of a little circle shot but anyway so and there you can see the barrel bolt on that side so it was finished it only cost us about $60 we could have used to buy tens but since we're okay let's see if it'll okay so down here on the edge of our trailer we're going to build a little in another video we're going to build a bar that these angle irons you know the ones that we did here we can use them for ramps so we're going to build a bar there and I'll weld that on so that's why we went with the two by twelves so anyway there it is all finished up and it only took me about maybe four hours so not too hard okay so after a few trial runs with our trailer going and getting some rock for where it washes out around the shed and things we figured out that these uh barrel bolts isn't as good as we thought that is going to be um they kind of I can see here they've already bent and everything and uh when we were going to get the rock the first load we had this thing barrel bolted in the back of the trailer and it flew out on the side of the road so we had turnaround go get it so we figured some longer barrel bolt sorry better yet the gate latches the ones that you can slide over and they kind of a little hook like that so those would work better but other than that another good project thanks for watching and we'll catch you in the next video

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