DIY under bed shoe organizer – Easy beginner woodworking project

Hey there! Today I'm showing you how to
make an under bed shoe organizer. This shoe organizer has a Plexiglass lid so
you can look inside and movable dividers to keep your shoes neatly organized. But before we get started a quick shout out to KregTools for sponsoring and making
this project possible. Now let's build! So I started out by cutting my boards to
size. You can find all the measurement information in building plans linked in
the description below. Then I made pocket holes using a Kreg jig all around the
plywood and on two of the side pieces. Now it's time to build the box. I built a
box using pocket hole screws and wood glue. It can be tricky to get the edges
on because the pocket holes are on the underside of the plywood. I used the edge of
my workbench as a support to hold the boards together. Once the opposite sides were attached.
The other two sides were very easy to put together.
Next I built the top lid frame using 1×4 boards. These are held together
using pocket hole screws and wood glue.

That's it! The box and lid are ready. Make
sure that all the boards and joints are square so they all line up perfectly!
Next, I cut the Plexiglass. Now you can also route grooves to insert
the Plexiglas into the lid frame but I wanted to keep this build simple and easy
using basic tools. To attach the Plexiglass, I added masking tape to locations where I wanted to attach and drilled pilot holes. You have to be very very careful and drill slowly until you hit the wood. Then I
slowly peel back the protective plastic at each location and added wood screws
to the Plexiglass. Again be very careful not to over-tighten the screws or the
Plexiglass can crack. That's it! The lid is ready! Now for the movable dividers – I cut a
slit in the long center divider and four horizontal dividers. I have detailed
drawings and exact dimensions of these slits in the plans linked in the
description. These dividers make ten compartments. You can easily add or remove them to make space for various shoe sizes.

casters, a couple of hinges and some hardware later
here is a 10 shoe organizer that fits perfectly under your bed. Thanks for
watching! You might also like the DIY vegetable bin I made using scrap plywood
and be sure to hit the thumbs up button and the subscribe button before you go! Bye!.

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