DIY Toy Box. Super easy to build. Free plans!

As many of you probably know collects Marc Spagnola by The Wood Whisperer Donate for the anti-cancer organizations. I'm proud that it's my second time asked if I would like to participate. But the best thing is that you guys can help us raise money by building a toy box. For every toy box you build Mars and I are each donating $ 5 to this Cancer Research Institute.

Plus, Mark has a few more Sponsors pulled ashore, so we Hopefully this year will be able to collect 15§. No wait … $ 15,000! The only condition is that yours in the course of this fundraising campaign build a toy box, that looks like Marc's or me. Both boxes have this unique function that children here by the side of their books or maybe your art supplies can stow away. Both boxes also have a rim on the lid so that the children can build what they want on top of it. My box is a bit different as one the lid can be removed so that the children put it on the floor and play with their Legos and still be able to get to the inside of the box. There are two versions in the description free blueprints and more information how you can participate. At the end of the video there is even more information. The boards for the frame are 3.5 "wide.

I cut them on my chop saw a little longer, then clip them together and then cut them to the correct length. With my blind hole gauge it will be easy assemble everything. I screw and glue the boards. First I put the front and back together. These will be the legs. The bottom of the box is supposed to be increased by 1 1/2 ", hence i use this board as a spacer. These boards join the front and back together. Now I can turn everything around and screw the other side, so that I get the frame. And I screwed it up. Do you see it? Exactly, the holes are here on the outside, they should of course go inside, so that you don't see them. And what does that mean? That means I know now which side of the box the front and which one will be the back. This one goes on the wall! These 1.5 "thick strips will be attached to the bottom of the box, so that the floor can rest. These boards are a little warped so i use a lot of clamps and so position it.

But now I can fix them with my nail gun. Of course you can also use a hammer use when you don't have a gun or you clamp everything and wait until the glue is dry. I have two more boards here which are attached at the top. I use 1/4 "MDF for the side panels. These struts are all the same length. I glue two of them on top on the bottom of the box. The other side parts are glued. The nice thing about blind holes is if you placed them wrong, like me you can do the holes either with a peg or something like that Close the stopper again. First there is some glue in the hole and then the stopper.

If you use a tenon, you have to cut off a little more of it. In the end everything is sanded off and you sees nothing more of the mishap. Well, something like that. I glue these strips for the lid on a 1/4 "thick MDF board. This is the top of the lid so I turn it over and fasten it these thin strips the one at the bottom of the lid Protrude 1/4 ". With some 60 grit sandpaper even small bumps disappear, you fill such places best with filler. I sand it with 120 grit and round off the edges a bit. This rim around the lid will keep it in place. It's that easy to build a toy box. It's an easy project and I hope you guys join in. If you want THIS box, she is up for auction, so you can bid on it. However, I'll get the box not send, for that is it just too big.

But if you're from the SF Bay Area and want to bid can you just come and pick them up, we load it into the car and it is yours. And don't forget 100% of the proceeds go to the Cancer Research Institute. For details on how to participate, how you build a box and submit your photos take a look at the video description. Don't forget, the deadline is this 30th of November. Thanks to all, let's build! I hope to see a lot of boxes this year..

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