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– We're giving our bathroom
an extreme makeover. And we're gonna show you the process from start to finish. Hey there, it's Christina
from And this is my husband, Sean. – Hi.
– In case you're new here, we are renovating a lake house, and we're gonna be turning it into either a full-time or
a vacation rental property. I'm gonna link all of the other videos in this series down in
the description box below so you can see what we've done so far. Today's video is a collaboration
with my friend Lindi and her husband, Russel,
from Love Create Celebrate. So after you watch our
bathroom renovation, make sure to check out theirs. I will link it somewhere up here and down in the description box below. We challenged each other to do
extreme bathroom renovations on a budget.

So here is what the bathroom in our Lake house looked like originally. Definitely a dated look with all of the honey oak. And Sean will tell you more, but they did do a renovation
probably a few years ago, but what was the issue? – They didn't seal the
floor underneath the tub, so the mice got behind the tub. – Sean is removing all of the drywall, all of the tiles, and everything. And this is what the
wall inside looked like. It was absolutely disgusting. As you can see, the studs are completely
eaten out of the wall, and there really wasn't any
structure left in the room. – The renovation challenges
of this space is the fact that it was built, I think, 40 years ago.

And then it had a rental
that was done by a handyman, I believe, because they basically used wood out of the forest, it
seems like, that was rotted for the studs and stuff like that. The challenge is redoing
almost all of it, I guess. – The design challenge here is that it is a relatively small bathroom. It's the only bathroom in this whole home. So we wanna make sure that
it functions really well and that it is really versatile for whoever's going to be living here.

– [Sean] Our budget for
this space is $3,000. I have a lot of material
from previous jobs, so we are gonna be utilizing
a lot of that stuff. – Our timeline for this
renovation is about two weeks, which is pretty tight,
but I think we can do it. – Oh, yes. We'll be able to do it. – [Christina] Sean has two types of tiles in his inventory leftover
from previous jobs he's done as a contractor. I wanna use them as
the basis for my design because we do wanna save money. We already have these. And I think marble is such a classic look. You might remember this
mood board I created for our whole home. I wanna stick to this
color scheme and this feel for the bathroom as well
to keep the whole home nice and cohesive feeling. Sean reframed the whole bathroom. We had a professional
spray foam company come in and spray foam insulate everything. And now Sean is installing
an energy efficient window to keep from condensating and
keep everything nice and warm. He also reframed a new door because the old one was really small. We're gonna be reusing the tub that was in here to save money as well and to keep this bathroom
versatile for children and pets.

I wanted a deep blue
vanity in this bathroom, but I didn't wanna pay
thousands of dollars for it. I did find one around $800
and I almost bought it. But then I thought I should
just buy an Ikea vanity. It's far less money,
and I'm gonna paint it with my paint sprayer. So I'm using that same
blue color observatory by Behr that I use in the bedroom and using my paint sprayer
to spray the vanity. Now Sean is installing some
new sub floor in the bathroom to keep it from squeaking. The trick with the sub
floor is you do have to put glue on it and screw
it down to make it not squeak.

Now we're bringing in some new dry wall for the bathroom and
we're bringing in the tub. Replacing the tub down to make sure that all the plumbing
is in the right spot. We're using the old tub from the previous bathroom,
it's gonna save us around $800. Now Sean's taking a hole saw and drilling out the spots
for all of the plumbing. We're adding drywall in this whole space. And we're gonna be putting some shiplap over top of some of the walls as well. We're putting this moisture proof material around the tub to make sure that we don't have any moisture issues. Now I'm installing a shiplap
ceiling in this room, just like I did in the bedroom.

For this one, since
I'm not attaching a lot of the nails to studs in the ceiling, I'm taking some carpentry
glue and putting it on the back of the shiplap
and then nailing it in place. This shiplap was given to us by MITRE. We love it. We loved using it in the bathroom, and I will make sure to link that down in the description box below. After the drywall is installed, we're taking some primer and
prime and all of the walls. I'm also adding a trim around the door because we're going to be
budding shiplap up to it. So I wanna make sure that the shiplap butts
right up to this trim. And then I'm gonna put the casing on the door on top of that. When you put casing in trim around doors, usually leave about a 1/4 inch of reveal between the
doorframe and the trim. Now I'm taking that same Metrie shiplap and I'm installing that on
either side of the door. I'm using my favorite finishing nailer. I will link it below. I'm also using Sean's laser level, which is a really handy tool
when installing shiplap, especially when you're installing it in such an old, uneven house like this.

So, at this point, I made a mistake. This long wall here was quite a bit higher than that short one. So you can see in the
corner that the shiplap is like a 1/4 inch off in that corner. Originally, I thought
maybe I would leave it because it wasn't so bad. I was going to put some 1/4
round trim in the corner, but then after I looked at it for a while, I realized it was a mistake that was going to haunt me forever. So I decided I had to rip
off all of the shiplap around the door and redo that.

After ripping off all of the shiplap around the door and making
sure that it was even and lined up with that higher shiplap that I had to put on the side, I was ready to add the final pieces. And using my paint sprayer again to paint all of the shiplap
is so much easier, I think, than using a brush and a roller because you can really
get into those cracks. I'm using Behr's Ultra Pure
White color in a satin finish. Now Sean is putting some thin set on the floor, and we're taking
some waterproofing material to place that on top.

We wanna make sure that
this bathroom is nice and waterproof because it
definitely was not before. We're also putting some
waterproof material around all of the corners of the floor so that it's behind the baseboards, too. Now we're cutting this hexagon marble tile that Sean had on hand and
we're using it for the floor. I love the look of this hex tile. And I think it's really nice because it adds some grip
and texture to the floor. So it's a nice non-slip resurface. Sean's placing some thin set on the floor and adding the tile. I actually really loved installing this. It was really fun to line up all of those little angles and make sure that it looked nice and even. So I am pushing the tile down, making sure it's all lined up, and then I'm grabbing a two-foot
level and kind of sliding that over the tile to make
sure that it's relatively even. I'm also trying to
remove the little pieces of thin set that came up between the tile so that
it's easy to clean later.

Now we're putting more thin
set on the walls of the shower and adding some more waterproofing
material here, again, to make sure everything
is water resistant. Now, it is time to tile. So again, these ones were
from Sean's inventory. They're large 12 by 24 full marble tiles. Now these were a beast to cut. Sean had to use his wet saw to cut these. And then he had to use grinders and hole saws to try to cut
everything in the middle.

I'm applying thin set to the
shower walls and Sean is, too. Using a trowel to make those ridges and then placing the tile on top. We're using this leveling system that you can find at Home Depot. I'll make sure to link it down below. It has those little spacers and then kind of those little
wedges that you can put in the spacers to keep the tiles nice and even on the wall. This was the hardest part of the job. It did take a few days. You have to wait 'til everything is dry in between before you grout. And there were a few issues
with the cutting of the tiles. And I'll tell you about that
at the end of this video. After the thin set was completely dry and the tiles were set,
I'm taking a wet rag and just wiping off any
of the excess thins out. Now Sean is taking some grout and applying that to
the floor with a trowel and we use the same color of
grout for the walls as well.

I decided to go for a dark gray because I really wanted this
bathroom to be easier to clean. Even though I love the look of white, I thought that was a poor choice for this particular bathroom because I knew it would
get dirty right away. Now I'm adding some trim around the doors. This one was also given to us by Metrie, again, it's kind of
that classic farmhouse look. I'm also adding some baseboards as well. So we decided to add MDF baseboards on this side of the bathroom. And then on the other side, Sean cut some tiles down
for baseboards there because we thought that
would get more wet. So we didn't wanna have lots
of moisture issues there. I'm also adding this crown molding, which is gonna hide those gaps between the ceiling and the walls. I'll make sure to link
all of the MITRE trim down in that description box below. Some 1/4 round trim in the corners helps
finish off this space too. Sean's adding a new
pot light over the tub. He added a new fan, which is a lot quieter
than the old fan was.

And he's also installing a
light fixture over the vanity. This one is from Home Depot, and it was nice and budget friendly. I'm mixing metals in this bathroom, which is a look that I absolutely love. So I picked some brush gold fixtures and I picked some black things as well. Now I'm taking some
caulking and just filling all of those cracks and those nail holes in the whole bathroom and then painting over
those with some more paint.

For around the tub and the shower and anywhere that's going
to get a lot of moisture, I'm using some water resistant caulking and using painters tape to make sure that I don't get it kind
of all over the place. This shower door was my biggest
splurge for this bathroom. It was around $500 from Home Depot. I decided to splurge on it because I wanted a more
modern look for this bathroom. I think a shower curtain
is a little less modern, but this door really has a sleek look. I also liked the black hardware on here and I thought it just kept the
space nice and open feeling. Now it's time to install the toilet. – Ooh, here. – OK, my hand's gonna go under. Okay, just slowly lower
down and I'll tell you. – Okay-
– Do you see it? – Yeah, I don't see that one anymore – Move towards here.

– I can't see that one. Oh, Yeah. – Yeah. Now we're putting that
Ikea Vanity that I painted in that blue color and installing that here on the right hand side. Sean drilled some holes in the tile and now he's
anchoring the vanity in place. I'm attaching the hardware for the drawers and then installing those into the vanity. I love Ikea furniture because they really take
advantage of the space and they make furniture that
really works in smaller spaces. They also included plumbing
parts for the sink, so we were able to hide all of the plumbing in the
very back of this vanity. And these almost full-sized
drawers are gonna fit a lot of items in this small bathroom. I also added some brushed
gold hardware just from Amazon onto the vanity to make it
look a little higher end. I found these shower
fixtures at Home Depot. They weren't that expensive, but I love that lux of brushed gold look. Now I am putting together
another piece of Ikea furniture. This is the Hemnes bench, and I thought it would be a nice addition to the bathroom to give
it a little extra storage and to kind of give the
room a spa-like vibe.

I'm also going to install some hooks for towels just above this bench. These ones were from Amazon. Again, relatively inexpensive. I'm drilling pilot holes into the shiplap, and then I'm just taking my screwdriver and some screws to install these hooks. I love how the black hooks
just add a little bit of depth to this all white corner here.

Now I'm installing the little details like the toilet paper holder and the towel holder beside the sink. This mirror I found from Ikea and I love how it has the little bits of texture and that retained
look for this coastal vibe. I was gonna put some floating
shelves above the toilet, but then I realized that the shower door was
going to be hitting them. So all I did here was
I printed off a picture that I took with my
cell phone of the Lake. I thought it was so pretty and the blue and the gold
colors really match this room. So as a reminder, here is how the little lake house
bathroom looked before.

And here is how it looked after we demoed it with all of the damage. And here is the bathroom now. I am loving this coastal vibe
that we have in this room. I feel like it does have a lux look with the foam marble and the marble floor. I love the shiplap accents
to give it that farmhouse and coastal look. Plus, I love the pop of blue
that we got with this vanity. I'm really happy I didn't spend a ton on an expensive vanity. I feel like I was able
to get a nice lux look with this painted Ikea one. I really like the mixed metals.

I love the brushed gold with the black, and I feel like this room does
have a spa-like vibe to it, but it's still family-friendly. I think one of my personal
favorite parts is the flooring. I love this marble hex tile. I also love that we're able
to combine lots of textures in this space, even though we have lots of light and bright colors. I am so happy that this bathroom is
done and I hope the family or the families that live
here really do enjoy it. All right, we are finally
done this bathroom. And let me tell you, it feels
so good to have this done. – Yeah. (Christina laughs) – As far as the budget went,
we actually did pretty good. We stayed under our $3,000. I'll put a list here of kind
of what we spent on everything. Even if we did have to buy the tile, it would have been much over three grand.

So I think that's pretty good
for a bathroom renovation. As far as timeline, we
went to like about what? 10 full days on the project? – Yeah, yeah. – It was a lot of work though. We're really sore. (both laughing) – I would have changed
not to have so many holes in hard ceramic tile. – Yeah, don't do that. – That's just a fact of life if you want. – Which brings me to the
next thought I wanted to talk about who freaked out about
something and what was it? I'm pretty sure I can count to three.

And we can say the same thing
that you freaked out about. So one, two, three, tile. (both laughing) I couldn't film it 'cause
this channel's G-rated, but he had a huge tile meltdown when he had to cut some tile. (both laughing) – It wasn't just cutting tile. It was very hard tile. – All in all, though, I
think we did pretty good. Let me know what you think of it down in those comments below and make sure to check out Lindi and Russ's bathroom renovation of Love Create Celebrate. I love their style. They have a more modern style. So you're definitely gonna
wanna go check that out and see how they did on
their bathroom renovation. I'll make sure to link that down in that description box below. Thanks so much for watching. If you liked this video,
please give it a thumbs up.

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