DIY Simple Modern Style Desk

today we're going to build this very simple and modern looking desk it's lightweight Institute disassemble and very affordable to build so let's get started this build requires a total of two-thirds of a sheet of plywood you're going to need the following cuts a for the top measuring 26 by 40 inches for the base cuts b c d e and f as well as g for edge banding and for this you could use strips of wood metal or some other material start with making all your cuts now let's focus on the top in order to give the top a more interesting look i decided to create the illusion of separate boards even though it's made out of one piece of plywood so i'm using masking tape separating out five boards each board i'm staining using a slightly different colored stain I start with the three little boards pull off the tape put down some new tape reapply some stain to stain the middle two boards and then I let it dry I continue to work with a darker stain in the periphery around the whole table to give the surface a more lived-in realistic look the next day I start applying shellac first underneath then about five coats on top you could use any finish you prefer such as polyurethane or lacquer not while that's drying let's focus on the base so remember we have cut pink and sin and those primarily make up the legs so let's attach B and C together and basically make two boxes one for each side of the desk next let's put on the brackets on opposing sides and these I'm distilling it for the sake of simplicity and there you go the two legs completed where the brackets for stability and they make a big difference for a contrasting base I decided to use oil paint I started with a primer and that I move down to a glossy white paint sanding in between coats to assemble the desk strew in the legs to the top also screw down the support in the middle and the brackets connecting the legs to the bottom of the table these would be a good idea to paint too now for edging there are several options I wanted a metallic edging to contrast the wood and the white so first I started with aluminum that I've cut and bent however it broke so I decided to paint strips on wood with aluminum paint and staple that on another option would be to put on wood edge banding ahead of time and stain it the same as the top now to bring down the glass level a little bit it's a good idea to finish the piece with some wax polish and steel wool this makes the surface smoother and not quite as shiny and there you have the finished desk a very simple design chipped mint and of course there are endless possibilities in terms of color and design thanks so much for watching

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