DIY: simple center console build

all right so recently we go my father-in-law's old suburban and had VCR and TV in the second content but with all that out and I had the go flyweight stare at that one of these that there is a good project plum also this is my new microphone so hopefully it sounds okay it's not to muffled anything like that I'm not going topless I'm washing as easy as you go this is Mary did you see how it all sounds also my on the garage is the door open so there's probably some background noise and after using this table soft for a while I'm 100% happy with it got plenty of power I don't have a desk like and hooked up but still the dust stays pretty low I don't get a whole lot blow up to the top of it so you're looking for a fairly inexpensive saw with good quality I'd definitely go for the rigid you for some reason I lost the footage of putting the case together right before this part I joined unspecial front back kind of sized up and threw on there you so for this I'm mainly going for functionally to look I'm not going gingerly stocking these are all small scrap in jizz I save either stuff of gotten our yard sales or things I take off of other parts and stuff and then you'll see I added in a little sliding tray up top for the big console or the big compartment area on the console but anyways thanks for watching guys let me know how the audio sounds into the mic when cost about 11 bucks

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