DIY Scroll Saw Stand for the DeWalt DW788 (Woodworking Shop Project)

hello everybody I'm Steve at the Carmichael workshop and today I'm going to make a mobile scroll saw stand that can be customized for just about any salt and any how you need the weather is great today so let's take it outside and get started this scroll saw stand is really easy to make it only takes a couple of two foot by four foot sheets of 3/4 inch plywood and you just cut all the parts and then screw it together I'll have plans available for this over on my website at the Carmichael workshop com all of these vertical pieces in the front and the back are all the same length depending on how high you want the stand to be in my case I was able to cut them all from one two foot by four foot sheet of Bartlett the top and bottom boards are basically trapezoid shape but I have it curves on both sides for a design element and also rounded off the corners and I'll have templates for these curves in my plans I cut a small piece of plywood to add a shelf in the storage area to keep the assembly simple I just use butt joints and drywall screws I did pre drill pilot holes and also countersink for the screw heads to avoid splitting the plywood I attached three locking casters on the bottom to make it mobile and also having three points of contact keeps it from rocking on an uneven floor surface i included some storage space on the stand for my saw blades and accessories and also for a scrap and cut off bin and so that these don't vibrate out I put some velcro dots on here to hold them in you could buy some containers to put in here you could add drawers whatever you want to do I just made these out of quarter-inch plywood and glued them together if you make one of these stands you might need to make some adjustments to the measurements in the stand to make sure it's the right height for you and the chair that you're going to use also you might want to think about whether you want to have your saw flat or customize it like I did with these riser blocks that are angled so that the saw tilts toward me I added a quart winder on the back of the stand so I can wind up the court whenever I want to move it around this scroll saw Stan was really easy to make and of course it's much cheaper than buying one I like that it's mobile and you can adjust the height to suit your needs the base is plenty wide enough and it's plenty sturdy enough to do that if you want to for me I'm going to use my adjustable drum throne when I use the soft I don't forget that I'll have plans available for this over on my website at the Carmichael workshop comm just click on the project plans area I'd love to get your feedback on my new scroll saw Stan design so please leave any comments suggestions or questions you have in the comments below and I'll get right back to you if you make one of these stands yourself please send me a picture I'd love to see it if you like this project please give me a thumbs up and share this video with your friends that really helps out a lot and if you're new to my channel please consider clicking that subscribe button so you can see more fun project videos like this one from here on my wife's side of the garage as always thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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