DIY rustic side table made from free pallets.

I've got a really easy side table project this week that anyone can make and that's because I designed this project to be made with very limited tools a jigsaw a hammer a drill and a sander and I made it for free using old pallets finding free pallets is really pretty easy just check on Craigslist in the free section and there's usually somebody giving away pallets you need to ask yourself what parts of the pallet do you want to Salvage is it important to you to save these split ends with the rusty holes I find that trying to pull these boards off completely is really time-consuming and very difficult and oftentimes the boards just end up splitting and become unusable so all I'm gonna do is cut off these end pieces first using my jigsaw and I'll just pry off the center parts with the crowbar yeah I'll just left of these little bits that are still on there and they break really easily and then these nails you just pry it out other methods of breaking apart pallets will probably yield more usable wood but I've got so many pallets here if I can get half of this wood as usable wood I'm pretty happy I mean it's free I'm setting aside some of these funky pieces that have the tree bark and fibers showing I think those might be kind of nice to use for the top I've selected these four boards which will give me enough wood to make the eight rails for the top in the bottom shelf I definitely want to save all of these nail holes because that's kind of part of that rustic character these pieces are narrow enough that I can just freehand this cut you have a couple of clamps it'll certainly make it a lot quicker I'll cut them all I like to use this squishy drawer liner stuff for sanding it does a real good job of holding small pieces steady while I sand them go simple this I'm gonna glue it and nail it together I've also set up this board back here that's just gonna give me something to hammer against so when you get that glue on there just hold it in place for a few seconds until it starts to grab and it'll be a lot easier to put the nails in and if you have one of these kind of framing squares you can use that to make sure that it's square I'll tack this in using these one-inch wire Brad's to make it square you got to make sure that each of these joints is opposite of each other since this board is on the inside of this board I don't want this one on the inside this one will go on the outside what I can do is check measure the diagonals and if they equal then you'll know that your square I'm about an eighth of an inch off I think I can live with that I'm going to start to lay these out and figure out the sizes that I need and the pieces that I want I'm just going to even up any of these uneven edges and I've cut and sanded eight more boards that I'm going to use for the legs now I can attach these legs using glue and three-quarter inch Brad's I'm gonna finish this with a few coats of this spar urethane mostly I want to just make sure that I get all of the surfaces even the undersides covered with this to protect it from water and there you go the super simple shabby chic side table and if you enjoyed this project be sure and subscribe to my youtube channel where I have a simple woodworking project every Friday and Oh tune in on Monday I've got a very special episode on Monday so you can look forward to that I'll see you then

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