DIY Rustic Desk Build (Staining & Paint Technique)

so we just finished clearing out the living room to start over from scratch and build most of the furniture ourselves starting with the desktop cheap simple and sturdy custom-built table is what we were going for here and for material we went with pine simply because it's the cheapest option for big pieces of solid wood since that was they look what we're going for it's hard to find the ones that are really straight I think these are pretty good this is probably the worst one and we pretty much went through all the words they had where we bought these but since we're going for a rustic look on this table a little bit of warping and natural cracks like this it's just gonna add to the look that we want also gonna have to cut the boards so tiny bit just get rid of these slits just because the edges are slightly rounded so before we do that I'm just gonna mark them up and label them so I know which order we hadn't laid out [Music] so that's not looking too straight but hopefully just gonna have to be really careful when we glue these together so this table is 83 centimeters wide and 210 sin years long as soon as we cleaning up dens a little bit after we glue it together yeah then before right we got everything under control oh yeah number one is definitely the worst one why do I feel like I'm twisting this without anything happening access me and I get rid of as much as possible it looks that's okay I think [Music] and now we wait it's still very skewed very twisted and uneven but we bought a lot of sandpaper so we should refine three belts of each for the grit 80 grit and 120 grit [Music] [Music] feels pretty pretty then I'd say but it's I think it's about time that we take it back up and place it on the legs and then see whether it's leveled enough or if we need to do some adjustments it's pretty much straight like a lot straighter than I thought it wouldn't be so before we do the staining and all that fun stuff we'll go over the table once more with a native grade 120 grit and then we might finish up with a 240 grit paper just to get rid of all these really rough scratches from there from the 40 grit paper [Music] finishing it off now with the 240 grit [Music] I almost forgot this and I'm just gonna trim myself I just want to get rid of these edges that poking out not gonna care too much if it's completely straight or not just gotta do it by hand [Music] finally done signing the table it's time to do the fun stuff it's time to stain it and paint it add some details to make it look worn and old so we're just going to try a few different techniques and see where it lands and see where we when we're happy with it [Music] some with the first coat so there we go done sending it again watch all the dust off time for the next coat we're gonna try the Mediterranean and the charcoal color both from Tsar again well this is dark this is real dark oh I would say would go for a full coat of Mediterranean we don't leave this but just to see how it looks with all three stains on top of each other over there and see whatever whatever happens tables now nice and dry we're gonna add in a few more details to the table before we add the black paints we're at the black paint to the corners also a little bit in the middle and around the edges okay so we're just gonna start by smudging this all into the small cracks and dents in the table the cracks in the pine are very bright this also helps to make it look less brand new a lot more contrast and difference in color right now it's so much better [Music] we're gonna leave run on spots like this as well and then like sign it down a little bit it's almost like creating shadows are using this sponge it's so subtle there we go pretty much done it looks really weird right now I think someone you might even cringe because some of you think that we just ruin the table and hopefully we did not but just bear with us and you might even cringe when we're done with it so whatever but yeah I think it looks great I think as soon as we sand most of this away it's gonna look great it makes it a lot darker and more towards the color we were looking for the reason why we painted more on the edges and the corners because we're gonna sand and remove make it look a bit more worn towards the middle of the table and then leave some of the black we're still gonna move remove a lot of black here to about that way you make it look naturally worn hopefully oh that's the goal at least a few hours serves I'm just gonna wait a few hours for it to dry out so so we're just gonna wait a few hours for it to dry out it's gonna be good I think it's gonna be good so we'll start with a 120 grit I got through the paint and the stain pretty fast so I'm gonna swap to the 240 grit and then just get a little bit more and then wipe it all off and see where we are maybe I should not have used to 120 with looks like I can't get rid of this squid just from the 120 wait did I just really bad well sorted out we'll get rid of the on the scratches it's starting to look old okay let's clean this up and that's amore stained [Music] pretty much [ __ ] for more things let's let's place this here just in case that's something else burning pain in wood stain hella healthy [Music] interesting okay I think that's enough he just looks a little bit weird enough playing around let's put on the hair coat [Music] I don't remember if it said thick layers or thin layers thinner layers [Music] that's it now we wait three hours for the next layer [Music] second layer is done one more to go that should be enough almost forgot to paint the bottom side of the table [Music] just to clear things up cover this in black and I would prefer to stain it but it's not really worth it this is the Sheep a simple worship diversion [Music] [Music] so we're all done let's set it up and show you guys what it looked like [Music] let us know in the comments where they thought about table for the video and if you liked it give it a thumbs up and 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