DIY Recycle Bin Deck Holder

Good Boy, Alright I know a couple of
observations i wanted to point out and I noticed that these city trash cans actually hold the recycling bin quite nicely on the
inside so if i don't fill up my trash can i can
actually put the recycling bin in the top and wheel it out there to the
road and nothing falls out um… another project that that i did with recycled wood and i'm actually
kinda, I like this project it's very simple, it's something that everybody
can do but uh… was to create a holder for
my recycling bin up on the deck and the reason why i did this is because i got
tired of my recycling bin sitting down here uh…

Several feet below the deck
railing and having the walk out of the back door and throw things over
this and uh… plastic bottle bouncing back
out of the out of the the bucket just because… or the recycling bin because it was
such a far drop and another thing to is uh… insects would crall in there and
create a mess so i wanted to get up off of the ground and so what i did was uh… built a little frame for to hang off of
and now it just hangs right there uh… up off the ground that allows me to get
in there to to you the weed eater and clean up the mess and uh… it's out of the way and i
really like it i hope that gives you an idea of
something that you can do for your deck to hold your trash can or your recycling
bin uh… to give it up out of the way and
something you can use some wood for that will hopefully uh…

help you to use up some wood
keep it up in a landfill God Bless You All.

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