DIY – pallet coffee table | NO power tools πŸ’ͺ

pallet coffee table you will need: pallets, saw, hammer, nails, sandpaper, glaze paint, furniture rollers, screws, door hinge screws or glue 'A' pallet – the top of the coffee table the traditional size pallet would have been too big for our living room, so the 'A 'pallet cut in half You will need the slats from the' B 'pallet so that the top of your table is not too gapy remove the slats from the' B 'pallet, this is necessary to make the top of the table thicker take out the rusty nails put the removed the slats between the slats of the 'A' pallet – this will be the top of your coffee table nail the slats everywhere check that you have knocked the nails well 'C' pallet – table legs make the legs from the third pallet slats from the 'C' pallet – for reinforcement and even as a holder, cut the slats to size, which strengthen the table and can even be used as a shelf, cut a piece of sandpaper – to make sanding easier, use a small piece of juice sand the surface of the table smooth paint the surface with glaze paint drill holes where you want to fit the elements use the door hinge screw to make your table durable, fit the parts place the wheel and fasten it to the legs of the table and the custom pallet coffee table thank you for checking it out, sign up! πŸ™‚

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