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at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque New Mexico beauty comes big and beautiful and big and burly the national chain saw sculpting competition is an annual event at the Fiesta sponsored by echo well we're we're manufacturer of premium chainsaws and we are well represented in the carving industry and so it's just a natural for us to get involved in chainsaw carving and get involved with the Carver's if you thought gene sauce with just chop down trees and cutting firewood bake again it's loud it's obnoxious at first we're probably a more so a curious oddity it sounds like firewood cutting then you get a little closer my gosh yeah they're making people with chainsaw Bob King is the reigning champ at the echo garvey challenge but two years running he goes from roughing out to detail work with different sized chainsaw that goes line runs from the ACCC Big Daddy down to a 30 cc trimmer but they all have a functioning chainsaw art best description is like a chef scott murray really we use the big size of the long bars for the blockout portion of the rough out portion and you just keep taking it down and taking it down all the way down to you know maybe this little guy or this one these are called detail songs the theme for this year's competition is launching your dreams the ain't competitors have 20 hours over three days to create their magic it all starts with a big block in California redwood in a big echo chainsaw all of our stars are commercial grade and tahvalli and many of the Carver's tell us that they appreciate that their low vibration as long as I have good quality equipment and good way to work with my only limitation is the size of the wood I love it the newest chainsaw this year's event is midsize CS 5 30 lots of power lots of good clean low vibration bob is hoping all his saws and his skills work wonders cuz there's a lot riding on the outcome no one has won three times consecutively so the added stress they're always on my mind Bob's launched a dream design takes three days to fully emerged he's carved a girl on a swing kissing a frog now that's incredible work from a chainsaw will it be enough to bring home top honors three years in a row against stiff competition he's already but one stands out more than others and I with innocent dreams for his third consecutive year mr.

Bob King I'm blown away I really didn't expect never has never been 13 times as well big events like this just don't get 13 times a row Bob sculpture made forty five hundred dollars at auction and all proceeds go to the make-a-wish Foundation a great cause and great carbon it's hard to imagine you can make our with tools meant to saw down whole tree you.

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