DIY modern wood & acrylic photo stand

Today we're gonna make a modern wood and acrylic
photo stand With the help of the HP ENVY Photo 7855 printer You did that really good! Thank you Evan and I both paint, so our walls are covered
in art It's not a bad problem to have, but we're
out of wall space for photos We do however have these dining room built
ins and we thought they'd be a good place to display a photo so we set out to build something to do that This project's really modular, and you can
use any size or type of wood We used cherry wood, acrylic sheets, a pocket
hole jig, screws, metal stand-offs, a miter saw, a sander, and of course, a photo We cut two pieces for the front face And one for the bottom So we've cut three boards, these two are for
the front and this is for the base Like this I don't know if this makes sense Hahaha, you'll get it We cut each piece at 15 degrees so that they'd
meet at an angle So this is when we find out if this matches
this Let's see if they fit together Ooooooo Oh no! Awesome! We drilled two pocket holes into the bottom
piece, but we'll attach these later First we're gonna attach the stand-offs to
the front piece So we're clamping all- You're face isn't in it.

You're gonna have to get real low So we're clamping all three of these together
so that we can drill through them all at the same time So then there's not misalignment issues from
one to the other These stainless steel standoffs hole the acrylic
offset from the wood Then you screw this into the wood You sandwich the acrylic pieces in between
these two pieces I feel like I'm doing the creepy face again You are, I panned back down Now we'll drill bigger holes through just
the acrylic for the top part of the stand-offs to fit through Right now we're at the point where we need
to join these two pieces together Clamping these requires this jig that we made We decided to do this at a 15 degrees backwards
slanting angle If you had done this at a 90 degrees angle,
you could screw it right in We like a challenge It's cool Hahaha It's cool! This is really nice, we don't want to mess
it up One of the reasons we don't have photos around
our house is because it's just not convenient to go out and get them But when you can print photos from your phone
and they look just as good, it takes away all the excuses It looks so good! Man I really do like it, I keep on looking
at it I know, me too We really like how this project turned out I do think because we did a 15 degree angle
it was a little bit more difficult than we expected Still totally doable, but if you're a beginner
do a T Yeah like a 90 degree would be a lot simpler Instead of a upside down 7 But I really like how it turned out Yeah I think our photo looks great with the
wood, the acrylic and the stainless steel, I'm just, we're just, really happy I thought you'd go next I don't know what else to say Bye!

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