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Hey everybody welcome back to Johnny builds where this week I built this modern style outdoor sofa made from lumber I got at the home Center now this is a super simple easy project that only takes about a day to build I finished it with a shou sugi ban I torch the wood to make it to where it withstands being outside even better It's a super simple project you can accomplish in about a day, so let's see how I did it All the lumber I use for the sofa I got from the Home Center I use four two by eights 4 1 by 8 and four two by fours To get everything prepped I ran all of these through my thickness planer Which gives you a smoother surface and removes all the rounded edges, but this step is optional if you don't have a planer Next I cut the two arm rests and the two lower supports which are each cut at 33 inches Then I could cut the four armrests up rights to 22 inches each The armrests get attached to the uprights with two and a half inch screws, but first I marked out the hole locations, and then I drilled three holes using a 3/8 inch bit and I'll plug this with a dowel later on Now I could put together the two armrests assemblies one for each side I added some wood glue to each one of the ends of the uprights I Added a couple clamps to keep everything aligned and gave the glue a few minutes to set this helps prevent the pieces from moving when you drive in the screws I Cut four of these lower support blocks which are all seven and a quarter inches square Then these support blocks get attached to the side assemblies with some glue and a few Brad notes And of course screws would work here, too If you don't have a brad nailer next I added the lower brace Which is just the 30 inch off cut from cutting the 2 33 inch armrest from the 8 foot board and again? I use glue and Brad nails to attach The front back and rear cross braces are each made from two by fours that are cut to 50 inches long Now I clamp these boards together and cut them at the same time Then the ends of each board get three pocket holes drilled in each I cut up some 3/8 inch dowel plugs to fill the screw holes on each of the side assemblies And Last I could come in with my saw and trim them flush I attach the three cross braces using pocket screws on each side and while I do this It's a good time to say go and hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the projects.

I'm working on next The 4 1 by 8 panels for the bottom of the sofa spans 64 and 3/8 inches and I cut them all to this length Like most things on this build I attach the panels with wood glue and Brad nails and again You can use screws here if you don't have a brad nailer I Flipped the sofa over and measured for the seat bottom supports I Cut these two supports to 30 inches and added pocket holes to each end And as you can see here the sofa is very sturdy once you add the supports to the bottom of the seat I'm using these two by fours to support the backrest and I set the miter saw To 15 degrees to cut a bevel on the bottom of the support, then I can mark the location for the top 15 degree bevel Once these were cut I attach the three backrest supports to the seat panels with glue and Brad nails I Marked out the panels for the backrest to fit the inches and cut them over on the miter saw And what did I use to attach these panels you guessed it more glue and Brad nails And then to attach the tops of the backrest I drilled a 3/8 inch hole and hammered in a dowel At this point I could also plug all the pocket holes with a 3/8 inch dowel and then flush trim the excess and Now I could sand the entire sofa up to 120 grit before torching And now for my favorite part since this is an outdoor sofa shou sugi ban will help preserve the wood and protect it from the elements from the water from sun I Gave the whole sofa a good char but stop short of the alligator skin finish and there'll be a link to the torch I used down in the description below I Came back with a wire brush to knock off all the loose soot and ash and After that I hand sanded the whole sofa to 120 grit this makes for an even finish and removes the lines left behind with the wire brush I Wiped everything down with a rag and it was time for finishing again.

I'm using the minwax wipe-on poly Aftershow, shou sugi ban the wood is very thirsty So you'll see me using a lot of the wipe-on poly it quickly soaks down into the grain And I did three coats and this sofa was done So, thanks for watching I really love the way this sofa came out. It's a super simple Project, but it's got a very cool Look a very modern sleek minimalist design And it's sort of convertible in the way you can use it with the cushions Or you can use it without either way it looks great.

The shou sugi ban torched wood finish gives It its own special unique character now. This is something that I prefer to do it's gonna help It make it more impervious to being outdoors to being in sunlight to water But you don't have to do that if you don't have a torch or if you don't want to get one you can just leave it the raw wood you can put a Sealer or protectant on it to make it to where it can withstand being outdoors.

I prefer to torch the wood I think it looks cool So let me know what you think down in the comments below if you liked it make sure you hit that thumbs up and please Subscribe if you haven't already to stay up to date with all my future builds now I just want to give a quick shout out to Zack over at zh fabrications the music that I used in this video That's his music you use it one of his videos and he put it out there for all of us to use for free so Thanks Zack.

I really appreciate it and you guys to check it out. There's some links down below also I'm gonna have free plans for this sofa They'll be coming soon, and I'll have those linked down in the description below, so thanks for checking this one out And we'll see you back here next time .

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