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hi my name is Mike Montgomery and today I'm going to show you how to build a massive outdoor kitchen we've got a sink a grill a spot where a fridge is gonna go fridge right here storage and CD just like this on modern builds this is unlike a lot of my projects because it is very specific to a space so because of that I'm not going to be giving the exact dimensions of the one I built instead I'm gonna be showing you the process and everything you need to do to be able to build your own so this project is going to require a little bit of framing now but don't worry it's all really really simple each of the three cabinets are built out of four walls and each of the walls are made up of the same construction they all have a top plate a bottom plate and studs that are holding everything together and I made sure between each joint that I put a lot of construction adhesive to help it hold everything together and once you have each of your individual walls built you can start putting them all together and the beauty of framing is that it doesn't have to be perfect everything is going to be covered up with something else so all the small problems that you might have if this is your first time framing you can fix later on and the cool thing is once you know how to build one you'll be able to build all these two here I'm just tying these pieces together and this is where the grill is going to sit now that the framing was done I can start to put my countertops on now these are solid core doors and I'm going to be using these as the base from our countertops and I'm just cutting them to width and length to attach them I just laid down some construction adhesive and I just nailed them on with a finish nailer and to make sure I had the best bond that I could possibly get I also clamped them to the frame and as you can see the spot for my grill is not cut out I went ahead and did that after I installed the counter tops and it worked out great making the cutout for the side burner was not quite as easy I had to use all plunge cuts with my circular saw and if you're not comfortable with this kind of saw you can always do the same thing with a jigsaw and it'll be a little bit easier and probably a little safer after that was installed I needed to make the cutout for the sink and this time I did use a jigsaw now I don't want all of this framing to just sit on the porch because when it gets wet it'll just be standing in water so I got these pieces of pressure-treated plywood I'm going to use those it's kind of little shims just to raise them up off of the ground about a half of an inch and I'll put one in every corner and in the center as well you don't necessarily have to use pressure-treated plywood but anything you can do to get the framing off of the ground is really going to add life to this build I also use this as an opportunity to get everything level before I worked on the countertops so these kind of talks were relatively long and pretty in-depth process something that I didn't want to put in this video just for the sake of time but if you want to check out that video it is right here because move up and I just used simple 1 by 4 slats for the bottom that way water could drain if it gets inside there and next all I had to do was make my side panels so what we chose to use were these cedar fence posts they're pretty thin easy to work with but mainly they're going to stand up really good against the weather and plus we're going to put a clear coat on top of them to make them last even longer so these should work great and I use the same boards as my trim pieces on the corners I just ripped them to about three inches wide and finally all I had to do was make and install my doors and I'm using one by two and the cedar planks to do it and finally once I had my doors installed I was finished oh hi there thanks a lot for watching if you like this video okay I can't do this anymore alright thank you guys so much for watching now this was a huge project and there's a lot to it and now there's a few things that people are gonna have questions about some things that maybe I didn't put in that I showed up so I'm going to be doing a follow-up video on my second channel right here in about a week or two so if you have any questions anything you want to see about this project make sure you leave a comment below and I'll be sure to cover that in the follow-up video if you're new to my channel I want to say welcome and subscribe because I put out a new private video every week and I definitely want to check those out finally I would say thanks again for watching and we'll see you next week on modern builds you

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