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hi my name is Mike Montgomery and today I'm gonna be showing you how you can build your very own modern bench made completely out of two by fours on modern builds now I was commissioned to build two of these benches and some of you may recognize the design that's because a blog called DIY candy actually designed these this is the first time I've done a project that I didn't necessarily decide now on their website they just did a written article which is great but I thought if I could do a video that could even help more trying to be leaving a link in the description to their blog check it out they've got some awesome stuff otherwise let's get started so I started the project by simply cutting a lot of 2×4 so now the legs do you cut are going to be dependent on the size bench you want to make but I will say if you can set up a stop block that is going to help keep everything square and consistent and all of my dimensions will be in my written article now because two by fours do have a rounded edge on them I had to run them through the table saw to knock that off that way when I glue them up everything was square and once that's done you should have all your pieces ready to assemble and I'm using Titebond three to hold everything together because it's a wood glue that is waterproof since these are going to be outdoors and I really assembled the bench one slat at a time basically putting one leg in making sure it's square and then putting in the next now I could have made the entire platform and then put the legs in that would work too but doing it this way I made sure that all of my legs were lined up and square and as I kept going I could really feel this thing getting strong this box joint type configuration is actually a really really tough joint and it was really cool because I was able to hold everything together with finish nails well I put it together and once I had one of the legs done I went ahead and did the other side and this side went on super fast if I was to give any tips for this project it would be to get a really big bottle of glue because you end up using a lot now I wanted to make sure I used plenty because this is going to be outdoors and in the element and I ended up running through a few of these small bottles and once I got my final leg piece in I clamped everything up to make sure I got out as many gaps as I possibly could now inevitably there are going to be some leftover so what you can do is mix up wood glue and sawdust and use that to fill any cracks that way it blends in to flatten everything and rough sand I use the belt sander you're definitely going to want to get a belt sander you're not going to be able to do this project with just a palm sander it's just too much sanding and whenever you're using a tool that kicks up this much dust make sure you're using a respirator because you don't want to get that stuff in your lungs and once I had all of my surfaces cleaned up and squared up I needed to flatten out the bottom of my legs and to do this I used a straight edge and a circular saw and because it didn't cut all the way through I used my hand saw to get the rest of the way through as well as a belt sander next I installed some adjustable metal feet to the bottom of the legs that way if they're sitting on ground that's not perfectly level I can flatten it out as well as if the ground gets wet they won't be sitting on wet concrete which is terrible for the wood finally I could finish sand all the way up to 220 grit and put on a coat of dark walnut Danish oil and I really love how that came out as a waterproofer I'm using Thompson's WaterSeal the clear version which doesn't alter the color of the stain now this stuff basically soaks into the wood and makes it to where the water can't penetrate the wood it just pools on top this stuff is super strong because it's actually made to protect decks so this should be perfect now I have to say these benches are incredible absolutely love them and these box joint corners are so interesting and neat such a great idea now I'm going to leave the dimensions to everything I made in my written article but more importantly I'm going to add all the math to so that you can figure out the size you need to cut everything to build one to fit your space alright so that's really all there is to it now this was a really cool project and I hope you all enjoyed it if you did and this is your first time here I want to say welcome and subscribe because I put out a new project video every week you'll definitely want to check those out also if you've got any questions leave me a comment and I'll try my best to get to all of those if you like this video make sure and hit that thumbs up that lets me know what y'all into and what you might want to see next I've also got a really cool new thing on my website is basically a page of viewer submissions of projects inspired by my videos so if you ever go into my projects and want to show it off and I would love to see it check out this link right here it'll take you to a forum where you can really quickly fill it out upload some pictures of it and everyone can see it so make sure and check that out you want to check out what I'm up to throughout the week don't forget to call Instagram that is my social media of choice and where I post most often had a lot of people following and commenting and just having cool conversations on there so make sure and check that out thanks again everybody for watching and we will see you next week for another project on modern builds

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