DIY Mobile Shop Carts

hey guys what's going on I'm John Malecki
and in this video I'm gonna build a pair of simple shop carts these features
super basic pocket hold joinery I put my own twists on them by naming them and
we're gonna show off the new pocket hole jig from armor tools check it out so
having all this room in the shop there's a lot of distance to cover if I'm moving
materials around so we wanted to get some shop carts well I looked into the
pricing they're like 70 bucks for a single big like Rubbermaid cart on
Amazon or the home store whatever it might be so I've decided to design some
up and make them and I will have a plan available for free do one downloaded it
link down below now instead of making just one card out
of a single sheet of plywood I decided to make three because I can fit three
carts onto two sheets of plywood and that'll cost me about 75 80 bucks for
the plywood saving me a ton of cash on if I bought them and this will be super
efficient for the new workflow and the new big shop so let's get work so for this project gonna use pocket
holes yes my arch-nemesis oh my god John I thought you hated them I do I hate
when people abuse them and using the wrong way pocket holes are not for
tabletop joiner a pocket holes are not for cable construction joinery they are
for face frames and we are essentially building a face frame putting two of
them together so I'm using half-inch material but the great thing about this
sweet new jig is that it automatically adjusts to the thickness of whatever
you're using so you can see here this is three quarters of an inch boom lock it
down it's ready to roll it's also adjusting the collar on the depth cut
here so you know where it's at and takes the guesswork out of it really sharp jig
I'm a big fan if you're using a jig like this this is this is Bar None the best
one on the market if you want to check this out I got a link down in the
description these are just rails that I'm gonna hang
clamps off of because we don't have anything for a small clamps right now Oh for a second I thought i screwed it to
the table that Sam would have been the most over handling (Singing) so while Sam and I get the second cart
together you're gonna notice that we didn't build the third and that's
because we want your input on what to name it I've got a pole right here click
that little icon let me know what name you like for the third car also if
you're big in my videos hit that subscribe button and leave me a thumbs
up help support the channel and help support what I'm doing
thank you guys so much for checking out this build if you want I got a free plan
and you can download that down below all sort of thank my sponsor for this build
woodcraft if you want to see more from them there's a link in the description
lastly thank you guys one more time for tuning in go punch your next project in
the face I'll see you on the next video

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