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hi my name is Matt Montgomery and today I'm going to be showing you how you can build your very own mid-century modern sofa on modern builds now before I get a ton of questions about the cushions in the fabric themselves all I did was Google upholstery shop okay so I'm from Oklahoma City and all I did was go to the shop that was my first result and give them the dimensions of the cushions I needed everything else is they did I chose a relatively firm cushion and it's really really nice fabric and they had everything ready in about four days for me to pick up now I do recommend getting the cushions first that way you can build the platform to fit it that's what I did and if you want all of my dimensions and all of that extra information my written article is going to have all that so make sure you check that out if you're going to build this project so I started by measuring my six two by sixes that I'm using for my platform and I measured them about three or four inches oversized that way I could cut them to my actual length when they were all glued up and squared after that I ran all of the boards through the table saw that knock off one of the rounded edges then I moved my fence to about 500 quarter inches and cut them to my actual width once they were done I marked lines for my biscuit joiner then I cut this skits and one trick that I did for the first time on this project was keeping my hand on the top plate of the biscuit joiner that helped keep everything square and lined up and after I did a quick test fit it was time to glue everything up now because these boards are construction lumber they're not the straightest in the world and as you can see my edge isn't perfect so what I did was use an extra bar clamp and clamp all of the edges of the board to it it helped keep everything a lot square then I filled in all my crack and any of the things that I wanted to kind of show off I used epoxy and because pine is a really soft wood I was able to flatten everything with a belt sander I didn't even need to use the planer and after a few hours of sanding I was able to square up my size leaves a giant t-square to mark my cut line and then I marked inside of that for my edge guide and then I just ran a circular saw across it and this is why I said wait to build your platform until you get your cushions made because you can make it a really really clean fit and make sure it fits the cushion perfectly and so now with the platform done I needed work on the back support and I started by cutting two perfectly square pieces out of the leftover two by sixes now these are the exact same and wit as my vertical supports are going to be so that they blend in really well to the platform and basically what they're there for is to add a little bit more meat for the back support to grab into that way it's sturdy then I cut my horizontal back support and then I'd used two leftover pieces for my vertical back supports I ran them all through the planer because one of the boards had a bit of a cup to them I also wanted to take off the rounded corners now I am cutting my first half lap joints ever for this project so I'm no expert but this is simple joint basically all you do is you hollow out half of one board and then you do the same on another board so that they fit together so basically here I'm marking my outlines of where the boards are going to go on my horizontal support and since I'm cutting out my notches in the horizontal piece with the circular saw I'm using the piece I just cut on the table saw to set the depth so after I did a test piece all I did was use a square to mark my two outside lines and then I just did pass after pass and hollowed out that Center and because it's not super clean I was able to go back in with a chisel and clean it up my no means is just the prettiest joint in the world but it works and it was actually really a square next I flipped my platform upside down and I was able to glue and clamp my back support in place while I cut in my dowel I measured in an inch from each edge and then i centered each of the dowels on each of my two boards now I've never joined two boards together with dowels before and I didn't have any kind of jig basically all I did was make sure I drilled a straight of a hole as I could put the dowel in and then basically cut it off it worked out really great and the back support is crazy strong I put two extra ones in as well on that extra support plate to make sure it didn't come out as well and you saw the masking tape line on my drill bit to make sure I didn't go all the way through my platform then I sanded it all the way up to 220 and four legs I'm using these they're technically table legs in the league form will be in the written article but they use this mounting plate to attach to basically anything and now because this isn't a table and it's going to be holding a lot more weight ahead and use different screws these are a lot longer than what they come with and they've gotten a lot more of an aggressive bite to them hopefully this will make them strong enough and once I had them in I could basically try it out okay so these legs were not quite as stable as I was hoping and I think that's for two reasons number one I got the 12 inch set I should have gotten eight inches to start eight inches would be a better platform height than the 12 inch legs are providing plus – your height I think it's adding a little extra wobble now the real issue with them is that they have a self-leveling pivoting bottom and that's what's doing the moving it's not the legs themselves so I'm thinking maybe I think just cut the legs off at a certain length and they'll quit moving so that's what I'm going to try nap so I set up a stop block to make sure they were all the same length and I used wedges to make sure that I kept the bottom square to the top that's where I cut them all I put them back on and try it again alright so this worked even better than I was expecting now when the legs didn't work at first and I had the whole idea of cutting I really wasn't sure that it's gonna work and honestly I kind of thought I was gonna have to scrap the whole idea of using these legs but they work awesome EDD they look so much better having them without the metal bottom actually gives them a much more custom look and makes it look a lot more like an expensive piece now I do plan on putting a fifth leg in the back in the center I think that's going to make the whole thing a little stronger and take away the tiny bit of wobble that it does have but this stuff is going to be sitting against the wall anyways so I don't think it's gonna be any issue now obviously to have a lathe or if you have access to a lathe a can turn your own legs and epoxy them in and all that stuff it's going to be stronger than this but this is a crazy good option if you don't have all that and you want to make a couch and now with the legs sorted out it was time to put the finish on I chose this Danish oil from watt CO that actually has a built in dark walnut stain which is super cool because Danish oil soaks into the wood unlike other products that sit on top that way whenever you touch through wood you're actually feeling wood not some coating over the top of it and with that all I had to do was put my cushions on and I was done and one thing I think is really cool about this project is if you take off the back cushions it turns into an almost twin sized sleeper sofa so if you have guests they have somewhere to sleep so that's really all there is to it now this project was something that I wanted to do for a long time I bought these cushions like four or five months ago but I just really haven't built up the nerve to build the project and I don't know why because it wasn't as hard as I was expecting this is a really cool learning experience because I did my first half lap joints as well as doweled instead of used hardware for the first time if this is your first time on my channel I want to say welcome and subscribe because I put out a new project video every single week and you'll definitely want to stick around and check those out if you like this video hit that thumbs up that lets me know what you guys are into and what you might want to see next if you've got any questions leave those in the comments I try to get to all of those and if you want to see what I'm doing throughout the week follow me on Instagram that is my social media of choice and where I definitely post most often and if you're going to build this for yourself don't forget to check out my written article on my website it's going to have a lot of extra information as well as all the dimensions specs and you'll definitely want to check that out thanks a lot guys for watching I hope you enjoyed this and we'll see you next week on modern builds

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