DIY Low Budget Plywood Plank Floors – Part 1 of 5

hey Kevin here mr. DIY dork and today I want to show you how we're making our plywood plank flooring and I actually got this idea from a site I think it was called pickly it might be pickly creations I don't remember exactly the name of it but this lady has a really cool store well she where she sells a lot of like whitewashed beachy looking refurbished furniture and upcycle old and you know what kind of stuff and it's actually something I do on the side too but I I just do like one piece of time she has a whole store of anyway she had really cool foreing that she did that was going to last like forever and what she used was half-inch plywood so that's exactly what we're doing so so you can see here I have a big pile this is about 25 sheets of half-inch thick you know 4 foot by 8 foot plywood this is the cheap stuff at the store now it's not the you know $15 garbage plywood at the store you know this is the really good less than $20 stuff now actually this is this still pretty junky stuff too but that's exactly the point it's supposed to look old and beat up and all that kind of stuff actually this is probably the cheapest half-inch you can get I think the stuff that's 15 bucks was like 3/8 or some era quarter-inch and you know if you get good good plywood you can spend you know 70 bucks a sheet this was cheap I got a rebate and I was like 1650 a sheet something like that so it's preachy being we have a pile 25 here and then over there when I'm working on I've already done that's a roughly 25 sheets over there and I've sanded those there I'm sanding that one these are in waiting and those I'm not sure about yet anyway what we're going to do is we're going to once I sand them then we're going to slice them into eight inch strips and of course the last one is going to be since it's 48 inches and the saw blade takes up a little bit with the last one is not going to quite be 8 inches so we'll probably use it on the edge of the fours where it has to get trimmed anyway anyway if you look at it it has printing on it and kind of see some numbers here and it has some splits and cracks and it has like a really rough texture and that's exactly what we want actually I want to kind of give it a you know rolled sort of Wild West general store looking flooring and even a little bit because of the whitewashed and the really light wood kind of a Scandinavian look also with the big white planks and actually I probably have any mentioned this yet we bought a barn house and has you know the slanted ceilings and they go straight up and then it slants again and it does the same thing on the other side it's like a monitor barn style and you can also tell that we did blue on ceilings we're going to do board and batten up there and of course it's gonna get painted white and then it's kind of batten strips three inch strips at all this joints and then split them so basically be four by four foot squares on the ceilings and then we're also doing the floors and then all the walls had to get painted on it stuff but right now I'm doing foreign and what I wanted to show you was that you know I had the giant pile cap wall it's not dry anymore now it's over there we're standing it here I'm using this old school looking flooring sander which is actually working really good has three round pads on the bottom of 80 grit that's all musing I'm not using any this is like the consider the fine grit of all the grit set they had and I'm just running on there it takes about maybe two minutes per sheet that's it for I done a whole bunch and probably less than an hour and I have course I have sheets are there I'm not sure which side I'm going to do just yet but it doesn't take long at all to see on these and then you kind of see here it has that golden hue to it like plywood you see at the store and over here it's a lot lighter and then of course we're going to whitewash it and it'll be even more washed out but the reason I'm using that huge flooring sander is because it does make it super easy plus I can just you know rolled out the way over there take a sheet slide it over here two minutes done Bam's put it over here then we can cut it and finish what kind of stuff and like I said on the ceiling we're doing board-and-batten so I cut a whole bunch of that inch strips out of some particle board because it's really straight and pretty smooth and I have about a hundred and sixty three inch strips right here that we cut out of four by each each just like the plywood over there forever then what happened as I see ended it and I just handed it by hand with my little crappie it's like a generic palm sander and I probably have about twelve or thirteen hours just on sanding with just the edges not even the face or anything just the literally the corners and the very side edges and it took forever and I thought I'm not doing this anymore so I'm just going to go rant for like 50 bucks of the sander so it's going really quick so anyway I'll go ahead I'll stay in this piece and I'll show you how we trim it and whitewash it and install it and all the good stuff and then I'll show you it looks like it was done so check this out I thought it'd also go ahead and add um how many sheets of plywood you'll actually need for your job what you want to do is figure out the square footage that you're going to be covering and divided by 32 because a sheet of plywood is 32 square feet so let's say you're doing 11 higher score feet you want to divide that by 32 which will give you a little more than 34 sheets so to cover yourself in case you get cracks or an ugly piece or you mess up i'd buy about 35 to 37 sheets and that should be plenty to do it alright so then once you have all your plywood sheets i recommend getting a flooring sander to sand them all the one i got it was only about 50 bucks for a two-and-a-half hour rental which was plenty of time to bring him back from the store sand all the sheets it only took about a minute or two each and then return it and like i said earlier i used 80 grit sanding discs on the bottom and it made it really easy and quick you after all your sheets are sanded what you want to do is get a partner and set up your table saw to cut your planks to whatever width that you want I personally set mine to eight inches and on each sheet of plywood that gave me five eight-inch planks and one plank that was seven and a half inches wide and what I did was to 8 inch planks made up most of the floor and then the pieces that were set in the half inches wide we installed them against the walls where they might have to get trimmed down a little bit smaller or like inside closets and that type of thing where you wouldn't even see them right so now it's a couple hours later and we got all those boards cut to eight inch width and then there's a pile of them that are it's about seven and a half inches wide so anyway here's the pile a whole bunch of them here and then what I got to do is I totally forgot about this but these edges are pretty sharp now so I'm going to take my little sander and make sure two of them so we can both do it and we're just going to quickly go over the corners and just slightly round them off so that way when they're finally installed and walking around the little bit of gap between them you're you know your feet won't get pinched in there your your socks get snagged or whatever you know so let's have a little bit of a round of cork but yeah took a little while I've built this little table extension here so that we could balance the board on there a little bit better and then I got a giant pile here we just measured it while ago it's about nine inches deep sawdust so I have to clean it up but anyway it probably a couple days I'm going to sand this and then we're going to go ahead and paint walls and ceiling get all that done before we mess with the floor anymore because all the sawdust everywhere so we want this all clean and then we're going to whitewash these and I'll show you how to do that and then how to install them and then put polyurethane all that good stuff so anyway that's what we got done today sanding and cutting you

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