DIY Loft Bed on a $100 Budget – Why Buy When you Can DIY Do It Yourself

hey hey I'm helping my family make a loft bed and you know might be my brother share a room but me my parents found a way to and not have to share room by making loft beds and I heard it's gonna be our rooms so yeah bye guys okay so we made a loft bed and we wanted to see how you know how much we could get for our money so the first thing I did was I bought some lumber I took two by fours and I put them in an L shape a capital L shape and then I nailed them together I used an air nailer where you can use a hammer and nails like the kids did then after that you'll see that they're about 105 inches tall and 74 inches was al tall I wanted to bed to be so I could walk under it so you can vary your cuts obviously on what fits in your room in your area so after we got all that loaded together then we put the bed frame together we had the two 79 inch sides that are the long edge of the bed and then in between those we put the smaller sides the smaller pieces and we cut those out of a 12-foot piece then we nailed those together and screw them together and we made sure everything was nice and square we used our carpenter's square and then we nail it on to the bottom and you'll see I'm doing it on the top here but well if you can flip it over interchangeably but it's a 2 by 2 and this is just so we can hold the slats into the bed so I nailed it on there's four of those slats and we just put those in there nailed them in pretty securely and actually later I ended up screwing those to the bed too with 90 degree angles attached to them and I'll show you a little bit more about what I'm talking about there in a second so then after we had that we put our Center in there that's just going to go down the center of the bed frames and I just had it flush with the outside edge and that's just something so that the slats can rest on in the middle then I stood them up and I screwed in the height that I wanted to bed for him to be I screwed in a seventy four inch piece right in there because I wanted them to be seventy four inches tall and then we can put that the whole bed frame will rest right on those pieces at the right height and you're probably going to need more than one person to do this so you can get it all squared up at the same time because see we we did a lot of they're just kind of looking and figuring out making sure that we had it right and we got our levels out and made sure it was level but then we put took the bed frame and we put it up there on top of it once we got this bed frame up then I went ahead and screwed it in with using just regular screws I also took a drill on the long end and I drilled through the leg and through the long side that rests on the seventy four inch piece and then I put bolts through there and nuts to make sure that they held the bed to the frame you know more securely and that was basically it we did the whole thing for $100 or less than a hundred dollars it's a really nice bed for the kids they like it it cleared out you know enough space underneath we actually did two beds so we had one going one way and one making kind of an l-shape and when Aspen's first said that she wanted a loft bed i was curious to what she was talking about and I kind of I know bunk beds that's what they had in their room to begin with so I was said I went and looked online and I got a little inspiration and I ended up building plans myself so I'm going to share those with you now and I'm going to tell you how much I made and I made this whole loft bed for only $100 less than $100 really so what I did was I took eight two by fours that they're the size that you want your bed to be and they just gotta be shorter than your ceiling our students were 10 foot tall so we were able to get eight hundred and five inch ones that was 20 dollars then we got two two by fours that we cut into four different pieces that actually hold the bed frame that was another ten dollars so that was twenty nine dollars and 72 cents then with the frame we just got two two by six by twelves and each of those were cut into a 79 inch piece and a 55 inch piece and so one was too long into the bed and one was the short end of the bed there 54 by 75 is the full mattress size so we just added a little leeway in there and another inch and the 79 inch section is because when you put two two by fours that are an inch and feech that adds another three inches when those are wedged in the middle so with that being said then we also had to grab a 2×4 cut 76 inches to run down the center of the bed frame that was the restless slats on we had a 2×4 by 10 that we got and cut into six different sections we got three of those we cut it into six 55 inch sections for the actual slats themselves we got two two by twos which was about three dollars and fifty cents and cut 76 inches long and they ran along the bottom of the long side of the bed frame and the plywood was like $15 so that was forty four dollars for the frame all the fasteners we got wood screws some framing angles the framing angles I used to hold the slats that's kind of overkill but you know I wanted to do it right got four 90-degree angles that were bigger to anchor the bed to the floor because I just wanted to make sure that I had them screwed them into the legs of the bed and then into the floor just for a little extra security and peace of mind and then I bought eight 3/8 by four inch bolts and eight and 3/8 3/8 it nuts those were about four dollars for the bolts and a dollar for the nuts so that was $23 so in total we spent ninety six dollars and ninety seven cents to make this entire bed I think it's a pretty good deal and you know and I will put I'll put a full list of everything in the descriptions and also a ladder was not included in that price the ladder is used to two by fours mainly because they were I just had them around I probably would have used two by sixes or two by eights if were really you know if I had kids that were bigger and I needed more security these seemed to work fine too the two of them were two dollars and 39 cents so about five dollars for that and then I cut a two-by-four those 105 inches long into seven fourteen inch sections and put it together just cut little angles so it leans against the bed and the ladder is another seven dollars to the cost

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