DIY Lathe Bed Extension

hello I'm bill Aikens welcome to my shop and just starting the tilt top table project from mark I spec metal of the Wood Whisperer and one thing that this project and Mark has taught me I need a couple more inches let me tell the camera down chef what I'm talking about my lathe is a couple inches short that is what you were thinking right well my leg blank is 19 and a half inches long oh we have 18 inches between my centers and that's going over the bezels a little father that I really walked to you in anyway so what I'm gonna try to do is instead of buying the extension I'm going to try to make a short extension here on the end myself and we'll see how that worked okay down here at the end of my leg there are holes here where you can buy an extension to go out here with another leg which a couple of 250 bucks I'm not it will do that right this time and I'm gonna need a couple more inches so what I've done I'll stick to my scrap box and I found this piece of oak here I glued up for a previous project two three quarter pieces and I have cut a notch out to match this notch and I'm using the two lower holes here I picked up some bulbs I tried every nut and bolt I had in my coffee can over there I could not get one to fit like taken to the hardware and get a longer one I tried removing several different screws out of the machine here see if I could get one to fit fit not so I just got this little skinny lag bow here and I am going to put this on here okay but the other we need to type them up and I want to make sure this is all flush right in here it's very important to be flush right there okay I've got this bubble town nice and tight it's flush right in here then I've also taken some more scraps cut to six inch pieces I put a little block on the end which we will get to later glued and screw that in and these will line up flush with the inside of this on both sides both of these are proud just a hair and I'm sad to leave them that way until I get it together then I will stand that down to where everything's flush but I've marked where I need to drill two holes and each board to screw this in so let me go drill those out well after marking these and we drill about did countersink so I'm using my square head screws for my pocket okay so I'm gonna get one started I'm gonna put a little bit blue on these there's going to be two screws but I want somebody to I mean all the support I can get just one lined up to the inside plush like a straight edge put in here make sure I'm good and I will straighten that up these little adjustment put the other screws in and we've got one more little thing to do okay I have these mounted they are up just a little bit and the tail sucker like slide over so I will send that down in a second but these little blocks on the end what outside it was this may hold up fine but you never know what a lady's gonna do when it gets to shake it so I put little blocks there take some more strap and took forty fives on it because this actually turned out to be a perfect 45 triangle so I'm going to slide that and it will fit right in here behind this bolt that holds it to the frame so that slides right in there and put the other one in that'll give us a couple of nice little braces I'm not going to glue or screw those in or anything I'm just gonna let those be extra braces and I think that's really gonna help it out and so let's saying this up to make it nice and smooth so the tailstock apply well I have this thing you got some flush and smoothing 220 and I thought put a little glue in my supports there the vibrations from the sander cause one to fall out they were in there very tired but if a center's gonna knock it out I can't have that but I feel I would be here at my ways if I didn't tell you that I went ahead and put some glue in this right here a screw might not hurt him but I'll try that later so I'm just gonna put a little CA glue on the warning and I'm not putting glue on my end where it's up against the lathe it sits behind that bolt and it wedges in quite well alright let that set up I'll do the other side and then I want to do a little hand sanding on the inside edges right here and then we're ready to go every so often I like to watch down the bed of my lady and I like to use Renaissance wax they don't furniture loaded own tools so my little axe my need extensions down a little bit you can also have some slide better I'm not putting any other finish just a little wax we're all the parts slide on but that a little bit and working on with this project let's give this a test run and see what we think about it well my extensions all done and believe it or not I've had and seven inches to my toe here I'm happy got my cherry stock loaded up on here it's a little time sliding on the wooded but I'd rather it be time to lose so I'm happy with that so now I can finish turn them up clinic here give a shout thanks for watching see you next time you

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