DIY: How to Build Aquarium Canopy

Well come back to DIY Aquarist. In this video i will show you how i have built a canopy for my aquarium. I am using 2 by 1 to build a frame for the canopy. The total length of wood required for is 9 meter. I also bought 3 sheets of marine graded plywood to wrap the canopy. It is 6 mm in thickness with excellent strength and stiffness, and exposure to moisture doesn't effect the quality of the wood over time.

Total cost of the material is $90 and it also includes screws, hinges and door knob. Size of the canopy depends on the size of aquarium, so after doing all my measurement i started cutting 2 x 1's. Always remember to measure twice and cut only once. And don't forget to wear your safety glasses. So, here is all the wood that i would need to build the frame for the canopy. The design of the canopy is pretty similar to the way i built the stand for the aquarium. So, if you haven't seen that video then please follow the link in the description of this video. I have cut four pieces of 118 cm, an other four pieces of 36 cm, 29 cm and 32.5 cm wood.

I started the process of building the frame of the canopy by lying down the wood on the ground first. Size 6, timber screws with 30 mm length is used in this project. And the holes are pre-drilled to avoid any splitting. Have fun watching this video and i wish you good luck building canopy for your fish tank. I have used 2 screws to join corners of the timber. Repeat the same process again, lay down the wood on the floor. Use 2 screws in each corner to join the timber. Position the uprights in each of the 4 corners. Use 4 screws to attach upright to the frame. Repeat the process for remaining 3 uprights. Flip the frame upside down and lock the uprights in the frame that was built earlier. Use 4 screws to attach uprights to the frame. Bracing the canopy is very important to increase over all strength of the design. I am only bracing the bottom of the canopy. Only 2 screws from each side are used to ecure the timber.

Cut to size, marine graded AA plywood is position around the canopy frame. Use 4 screws in total to attach plywood to the canopy frame, 1 screw in each corner. I have used 2 hinges to attach the door of the canopy to the frame. I would suggest using longer hinges or use more than 2. Door knob cost me only 2 buks, screw can be easily cut to desired length. Testing canopy by placing it on top of the aquarium. I am using Dulux Weathershield black paint (Gloss), which is same paint i have used for the aquarium stand.

Painting is the easiest and most enjoyable part of this project. To properly close the canopy door, i am using self-adhesive magnetic tape. Affix the adhesive part of the tape to the frame with magnetic side facing up. Attach the magnet of 2nd strap and peal off the label to expose the adhesive side and face it up. Close the door and press firmly so magnetic tape can stick to the door. Easy way !!! Removable top cover for easy access to the tank. I hope you have enjoyed this video, there is still more to come. To get notified, please subscribe to the channel and turn ON the notification.

Thank you for Watching !!!.

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