DIY Homemade Heavy Duty Workout Bench

so here's the homework events that I built very heavy-duty the the top piece the top fabric piece here I got a 1 yard of it from jo-ann's fabric I think it was $8 and the piece itself the spool or whatever it comes from was 50 inches long so one yard was able to cover more than enough of the bench I probably could have covered two benches if I need to but I made a little pad for another home implement here which is the hip thruster Nordic row machine so I just kind of made that little pad there it was really choppy job but for the home bench i tacked this down with staples underneath it I also went to Walmart and got they were it was a four pack of so four pack of like bench pads or seat pads they were 16 by 16 by 1 inch it was $6 for those and then also got one of those 60 by 50 fleece blankets they're usually like 2 or 3 dollars a piece depending on when you get them put down the foam pads I cut them down to 12 inches here left them at 16 lengths and 12 across so one pad two pads three pads and then I folded the blanket over top until I got four Pete I made sure that it was essentially draped from one side over top of the other and then I it was really easy to stretch the to stretch the fabric over top of the bench I stapled down one side of this fabric all the way across the bench and then I was able to put down the phone put down the blanket over top and then continue stapling across so that I would make things a lot easier I mean if you're somebody who works with fabric or works with making seeds probably have a better process than I do but again this is my first time doing this so the the base of the bench itself is actually a a 1 by 12 piece which actually ends up being Mountain by 12 or more along lines of like 1 by 11 to 11 and a half so then I use another 1 inch board over top of that that I was able to cut to cut to 12 full inches because a competition bench the width of the bench is is 12 inches so and then it's also 48 inches in length then the baseboards underneath there are two two by fours cut to 45 inches on the ends there are two ten and a half inch pieces that are that are cut to length and then the base the floor pieces are 15 inches long those are essentially leftover pieces from from different cuts I could have cut those to 12 inches if I needed to and then the the center bracing board is that would be 39 inches long because essentially with the two by fours on the end those are that's three inches in three inches wide three inches wide so you have six inch difference so that would equal three to the net side three is on that side plus the 39 inch piece is 45 which equals up to the length of the board again trying to use some different pieces that were salvaged these braces essentially were from a an old bed frame that I use for the deadlift platform so I had those left over I just use those as a way to make sure that any forward and backward leaning or any sort of awkward angle pressure from from whatever I'm sliding back and forth on the bench for any sort of possibility to wear the bench credly no wiggle has been eliminated by adding those those pieces and that that is the home workout bench again sorry for not making a full length tutorial but generally you can get those boards cut at Home Depot you don't really have to do it yourself I have to do is bring it home piece it together and you're going to use some wood glue you could use some lag bolts I would probably get you know four six pack of lag bolts I actually just used deck screws and use a drill bit to countersink them in again that's something that if somebody worked construction you like completely advise against that but for me it worked and the bench is holding up I actually tried it out a little bit last night I don't have a rack but I was able to load up a barbell and place it across these nice heavy-duty saw horses which most likely wouldn't do with a standard workout for obvious reasons I'm in the same in our pound capacity but I don't really want to risk that with my head and neck being almost directly underneath those well fall so any questions Brandon at lifting dad calm thanks for watching remember to hit subscribe also check us out on Facebook slash lifting dad

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