DIY Home Office and Desk Tour ‚ÄĒ Work From Home Setup

We all need a space where we can feel productive 
focused and inspired hi I'm Matthew and Sina and   in this video I'll take you through my DIY process 
of updating my workspace and give you a tour of   my home office setup I'm a designer in content 
creator so I wanted to optimize the space for   my creative needs overall my goal was to have 
an office that is clean and minimal in design   the first step cleaning up when I first started 
this project my wife and I were in the middle   of redoing our bedroom so the home office became 
a storage closet it was a mess boxes everywhere   lots of old stuff we've been hoarding for years 
and just way too many computers and devices I   took a hard look at every object in the room and 
asked myself does this object provide me joy do   I use this often is this important to keep if it 
wasn't an emphatic yes to any of those questions   and I sent them to donation or the trash the next 
thing on the list was to consolidate computer gear   between my wife and I we had too many machines 
and devices many were legacy computers we held   on to since our school days so I wiped what we 
weren't using and sold them once the space was   cleaned I wanted to update the accent wall so the 
space had more contrast I chose a dark grey with   a slightly cool tint to it I used the paint with 
a matte finish to keep the appearance soft next   on the list was the foundation of my workspace 
the desk I wanted a big long desk made of solid   wood I looked at many tabletop options but ended 
up getting an oak kitchen countertop from Ikea   for the base I used the pair of Alex drawers 
and also from Ikea which I already had from my   previous setup because it was solid wood it was 
pretty heavy and difficult to move around the   wood was untreated so I had to apply the finish 
myself a note here don't make the same mistake   I did and put your hot coffee on untreated wood 
that's a big no-no to fix that moisture damage   I had caused and prepped the surface for finish 
I sanded down the wood I started with a coarse   120 grit sandpaper and finished off with a 320 
fine grit after researching the different wood   finish options between lacquers and oils I ended 
up going with a Danish oil finish this provided a   good balance of the natural earthy look of an oil 
finish while offering the moisture protection of   lacquer I wiped on two coats of the Danish oil 
and let it dry overnight the next day it still   felt a little sticky and was a little too shiny 
for my taste so I wiped it down with a little bit   of linseed oil and sanded down the top layer with 
my 320 grit sandpaper this left my desk incredibly   smooth to the touch with my desk finally prepped 
I was ready to set up my hardware I work on both   Mac and PC I used my macbook for everyday tasks 
like browsing writing and designing while I used   my PC for heavy tasks like 3d rendering previously 
I had two separate desk setups for these and now I   had to figure out a smart way to incorporate both 
into a single desk I used to have a mechanical   keyboard and a wired mouse but it was cumbersome 
to switch back and forth between devices so after   a lot of research I found the Logitech Kraft 
keyboard and the master MX 2's Mouse was the   best solution for my situation the touch of a 
button I can easily click through and control   each device I love the low profile design the 
tactile feel of the keys and the beautiful look   of the materials because they match the rest of 
my setup also the ergonomics of the keyboard and   mouse are amazing underneath that I'm using a felt 
pad as a soft surface for my hands and my devices   to sit on it also serves as a visual angle for my 
monitor I'm using an ultra wide display from Dell   in the past I've used a dual monitor setup but 
I prefer having one big screen with lots of real   estate for all of my windows and like my keyboard 
and mouse I can easily switch between my Mac and   PC to work comfortably for many hours at a time 
while maintaining a good posture I invested in a   few things a good chair a footrest and a monitor 
stand the chair was probably the most important   purchase since I spend most of my time in it at 
home I've been rocking a beat up by Kia chair   for the past decade and I was way overdue for an 
upgrade so after much deliberation I opted to get   the lino chair which was incredibly comfortable 
and quite minimal in its design its adjustable   in all the right places and comes in some really 
nice material finishes to reinforce good posture   I bought a wooden monitor stand to keep my eye 
line looking up and got an angled footrest to   help me sit back in my chair as an added bonus 
the monitor stand created a small pocket to   tuck my keyboard in if I ever needed more desk 
space to work because I switched tasks between   shooting designing and writing I needed a good way 
to organize my gear I wanted my most used items to   be within arm's reach so I arranged everything 
based off of that I bought a modular pegboard   system to hold my loose accessories my camera 
gear writing materials and my headphones wires   and adapters over my desk I installed a shelf 
to make use of the vertical space in my room   this is where I store my secondary gear when 
not in use for the things I rarely accessed I   tucked them away in labeled boxes in on visible 
places across the room I used an IKEA shelf to   organize my books and display my collectibles 
in a nice way to keep my space looking clean I   decided to hide my wires from sight to do that I 
used some cable ties and adhesive hooks to route   and manage all of my cables behind my desk for 
the things that would rarely be unplugged like   my monitor and PC I tucked a power strip on the 
floor beneath my desk for the things I'd need to   unplug often I installed another power strip on 
the side of my desk this gave me accessible power   while still keeping the wires visually hidden 
to hold the loose connectors and chargers for   my laptop I used a weighted cable organizer to 
keep them readily available while I enjoy the   minimal design and openness of the space I wanted 
to make sure there was still some character to it   I follow a lot of artists on Instagram and 
whenever I can I purchase their artwork like   you saw earlier I have a small collection of toys 
and pins from conventions and events I like to   keep these here to remind myself not to grow up 
too quickly and to add some color to the space   to complete the setup I keep this lightly scented 
candle and a mini cactus on my desk that's my home   office I've been working in it for a couple of 
weeks now and I've got to say it has made a huge   impact on my productivity focus and just general 
enjoyment of being in the space yes it does get a   little cluttered from time to time but because 
I've developed a better standard and system to   keep things organized I find it fairly easy to 
maintain this was a big project for me it took   about two months on the weekends and many trips 
to the store for me to complete I didn't know half   of the things I know now about designing a good 
workspace if you have any questions about anything   in the video leave me a comment and I'll do my 
best to answer it I've also added a link in the   description with all of the products I've used in 
my home office in case you wanted to pick up any   your own also don't forget to like and subscribe 
because it lets me know who's watching and if you   want to see more of these types of videos now with 
that out of the way it is time to get back to work

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