DIY Halloween Props – SUPER EASY Cemetery Fence!

hey I'm Jay and I'm Jaimie and today
we're gonna make this awesome fence for Halloween to get started we're gonna build the
frame of the fence using these pine one by twos that we got at the big-box store
where we are these are $1 apiece for these eight footers and they're kind of
warped and weird but that actually makes it better for the Halloween fence we
roughly cut them in half and then we've got enough for two pieces it takes four
of these pieces to make one section of fence and what we're going to do is take
the two that are going to be the vertical pieces and we're gonna make the
bottoms of them pointed so that we can hammer it into the ground and that's how
the fence is actually gonna stand up we're gonna show you a few different
ways you can cut the bottom of these into a point so that if you have to go
stab a vampire or make a fence you'll be able to do that no matter what tools you have
there's the circular saw the bandsaw the jigsaw or if your power goes out or if
you're just into that kind of thing there's the handsaw now you've probably
noticed that I didn't measure at all I totally just randomly cut these and
that's intentional because the more randomness and variance there is in the
Halloween fence the more Halloweeny it's gonna look so when you build yours don't
even worry about measurements and stuff just build it it comes out better that
way next up are the fence slats that go across the middle so we kind of loosely
put this thing together so we can start getting measurements for how big they
need to be they could easily use the same wood for these fence slats but
we're actually using an even smaller piece of pine that's a quarter-inch
thick these are actually fence replacement parts for the lattices
they're made out of pine they're easy to find at the big-box store and they work
really well for this this next step gets real messy so we laid down some big
pieces of cardboard and then organized all of our pieces to give it some color
we're gonna be using some oil-based wood stain you could also use some old paint
that you might have lying around just anything to give it kind of a brownish
reddish color we're using this because we've had it sitting on a shelf for a
long time from an old project and this is a perfect opportunity to use it up
everything gets one full coat it's very messy it does take a little while
because you got to let it dry but it looks pretty good when you're done once
that first coats dry we took some reddish stain and then just kind of
spread it out all over the place just give it a little variance try to make it
look a little dirty and more realistic once everything's totally dry we can put
it together we have about 12 inches at the top and about eight inches of the
bottom where it gets hammered into the ground I say about because we really are
just kind of roughing it in we then take some glue and put a little bit of glue
on each spot to hold it then we use a brad nailer to
nail it in place if you don't have a brad nailer you can of course just use a
hammer and nails you could also use a screw and a screwdriver anything like
that will work great to hold it in place also if you can using outdoor waterproof
glue is a good idea next we're going to attach the slats in the middle and this
is more of the same but it's a little different because we don't measure
anything we just sort of randomly put them in place space them out and give
each one a different angle if you make a bunch of different pieces of fence you
want to make sure that these are all different on each one to make sure the
nails didn't stick through the opposite side we tilted the brad nailer just a
little bit so that they didn't pop through the other end and after that it
was good to go to secure each corner we're gonna use
our trusty brown twine we use this stuff on basically every project it's awesome
you really didn't measure this we just cut a long piece and then went over to
the corner propped it up and tie it on the first knot we tied just a basic knot
here trimmed off the excess and then used a little bit of hot glue to hold it
in place and then started wrapping it around the first corner this is mainly
just for decoration it doesn't add a ton of strength especially when you've got
nails and glue in there but it does help a little bit we've had some of our
fences up for I think four Halloween's in a row now and they still hold
together these tiny easy details go a long way to making your work stand out
we finished it up on all four corners and then it was ready to bring outside
to hammer into the ground next to the rest of the Halloween fence only thing
left to do was to give it that last bit of final detail one of our favorite
materials that we use every Halloween is this stretchy creepy spider web stuff
it's one of Jamie's favorite things we put it on just about everything and it's
the perfect final touch for these Halloween fences guys thanks as always for watching this
is a really fun build it's super easy it's inexpensive and you can totally do
this to make your Halloween setup look amazing if you have any ideas on how we
could do a better job next time or if you just want to say hi leave a comment
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lots of props until next time happy Halloween and stay wicked you just kind
of do it randomly and have it be what it is Buddha there we go for Halloween
fence steak things

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