DIY Halloween Props – Realistic Fake Fire Special Effects

hey I'm Jamie and I'm Jay and today
we're gonna set our house on fire today we're gonna create a special effect that
is not real but looks exactly like real fire and it only uses some basic stuff
like some clock some fans and some lights this effect was inspired by the
Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and there's one part in the
ride where you're going through and the whole village is on fire and they use a
really similar effect to create the illusion of fire in all of their windows
you literally don't need any tools to build this and it's so realistic that we
actually called our local fire department because we were pretty sure
our neighbors were gonna call it and think it's a real fire stay tuned to the
end where we bring out a real fireman and get his expert opinion on our
special effect basically how this effect works is that on the inside of a window
we're gonna put a fan and that fan is gonna blow air straight up then we're
gonna drape a curtain or a piece of fabric over the fan and it's gonna kind
of like billow in the wind and create kind of a wispy effect with the fabric
now between the curtain and the window you place a couple of lights and you
point the lights up towards the curtains so when the curtain is billowing and the
lights are on and you look it from outside it looks like a really really
awesome fire pit the very first thing we did was set up the fans and we did one
for each window now in our particular house we have this cool room where
there's three windows and right below it there's this like perfectly sized shelf
but obviously you're not gonna have the same set now if you don't have a
conveniently placed shelf right below your window you can use literally
anything you can use a couple of chairs and put your fans between the chairs you
can use some boxes you can build a little structure for it you know
anything will work as long as you have some good airflow it could also bribe
your kids with Halloween candy – just hold fans facing straight up but you do
need some space underneath the fans so what we did is we actually cut a bunch
of two by fours kind of to an ideal length so that we could stack them up
underneath of the fans we used box fans for us and one for each window but any
kind of fan will do you do want to make sure though that the fan is strong
enough you can use a box fan or end real fan but like stay away from the
desk fans or they're not gonna be strong enough to get the waves and the fabric
that you want once the fans are set up it's time to do the fabric the fabric we
are using is a lightweight silvery satin material now this fabric is good because
the silver reflects the light really well but you can also use like a white
sheet or kind of almost any light colored material as long as it's
lightweight enough to get you know good flat bench in our house we have curtain
rods above the windows so it was a perfect way to sort of hang up this
fabric if you don't have curtain rods you could try something else but
definitely those make it easy to figure out how much fabric we needed for each
window we measured from the curtain rod to the back of the fan and then we added
about a foot just to make sure we had enough slack from there we laid it out
and cut it into three pieces we didn't want to do any sewing for this
project so we just duct tape the fabric to the curtain rods and it held really
really well yeah like really really well I mean kind of have to like peel it off
the curtain rods after the fact but we didn't have to sew anything the next step was to attach the fabric
at the bottom and we did that by anchoring it to like a long pipe that we
just happen to have our idea was to anchor all three curtains to one piece
so that we could kind of adjust them all together but in hindsight it would have
been better if we'd use three separate anchors at the bottom when you turn the
fans on you want to be able to make micro adjustments to how much tension is
in your fabric and where it sits on the fan so by having them on one long piece
we couldn't really do that for each individual window we had to do it all as
one unit but if we were doing it in little sections that would have been a
lot easier to get the billowing effect we wanted for each one you want to try to cover the whole
window with the fabric so that there's not certain areas where you can see
through because then it kind of breaks the illusion a little bit you want the
fire to be everywhere yeah so if your window is too wide for your fabric you
can sew a couple pieces together or you can overlap them or you can just tape
them like we did one last thing we did just for extra credit is we took an
oscillating fan and we put it about eight feet back from the wall that way
it's not the same billowing over and over it changes a little bit and gives
it a really realistic effect to figure out the lighting we got a bunch of
different colored LEDs we got red orange and yellow and we tried out a bunch of
different combinations now these are LED light bulbs specifically because they
don't get super hot like halogen bulbs because these are gonna be pretty close
to a piece of fabric you don't want to create a fire hazard which is really
easy to do with a hot light bulb make sure you're super careful if you try
this at home we picked up a bunch of these clamp on work lights and they
literally just sort of clamp on to the windowsill in our case if you don't have
a windowsill or again have a different set up you'll have to improvise a little
bit on how to get your lights to be in the right spot but for us we clamp them
to the windowsill and then we were able to rotate them to kind of point them in
the right direction ultimately you want one light on each side of the fan and
you want them to kind of point upwards towards each other so that in the middle
it creates a sort of mixture of light and that's where the fire effect happens
the best combination we found ended up being one orange light bulb and one red
light on each side both pointing up at this point everything was set up and it
was finally time to do our first test it was pretty cool once everything was
moving but we did notice that we needed to make some adjustments we moved around
the lights we adjusted the position of the fan and we messed with the tension
of the fabric a little bit until we got it looking just how we wanted Alexa
light my house on fire we were pretty blown away by how
realistic this was and the very first thing we thought was oh man somebody is
definitely gonna call the fire department on us so we reached out to a
friend who's an actual firefighter here in Austin and we asked him exactly what
he thought so we actually brought in a professional firefighter this is Stefan
he's here to tell us what would actually happen if someone called the fire
department on us I saw the effect and I was I was really
impressed it looked so real that you're definitely gonna get some calls on this
what would happen is that your local fire department would get dispatched
we'd try to get in our truck we drive over here and we'd have to investigate
what's going on so as a professional firefighter what is your day-to-day like
you know I get that question a lot we we do all kinds of things we we do fight
fires we go to medical calls to go to wrecks and then really we end up helping
anyone that they don't know who else to call
so you saw the effect last night that we put up in our window on a scale of 1 to
10 what are our chances that someone's gonna call that in as a real effect is
it can I say 11 concerned neighbor or just someone passing through the
neighborhood would see that and and want someone to investigate it further just
for your own safety so how often do people call you for like something
that's not a real fire like a false alarm or maybe a Halloween effect that's
a little too real it's funny they it's funny that you ask you know it isn't I
wouldn't say that it's the majority of our calls but we do have a lot of false
alarms which is good sometimes people were concerned sometimes people drive by
and see something and they want us to check it out and so we have to go on all
that we have to go check out everything and make sure that's not the real thing
somebody calls you out for a super-realistic Halloween effect what
happens what do you do well unfortunately for us we we will be
dispatched and we will actually show up at your house which may not be a bad
thing but if it happens over and over again that can become a problem so the
first time you show up maybe it's not a big deal every night of October if you
show up that's probably a nuisance yes I would how would think that could become
a problem and I if you are gonna try to attempt something like this I would
highly recommend you let your neighbors know and then your local fire department
may not be bad idea to say hey we have this this
going on and be aware so if we wanted to let our local fire department know how
do we do that there's a most communities have a three one one that you could call
or stop by your local station and just let them know that how long you're going
to be doing it and what it's all about so one more question I have for you is
obviously when you build the effect you've got hot lights right near a piece
of fabric and you know these are LED bulbs so they don't get very hot but
what are some safety tips we could follow to make sure that we don't start
a real fire well I like that you used LED light bulbs that's a great choice
because about 30 percent of house fires do start with a heat source like a
candle or halogen bulb so using those would be a bad idea in addition the
fabric if you can use something that's fire resistant that's even better make
sure you're not overloading your circuits and using surge protector after
surge protector all in one outlet because that can become a fire hazard as
well well listen man we really appreciate you stopping by and also to
get your endorsement because you heard it here an actual fireman says that that
looks like real fire you saw how easy it is to build now go build your own thing
from the outside he thought embedded in there there so there's there's not to
like there was a bug I followed the bug with
my eyes today we're gonna set our upstairs bedroom ablaze

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