DIY Drill Holder & Power Tool Charging Station | The Home Depot

When it comes to easy tool storage,
The Home Depot knows the drill. This drill station's the perfect place
to park your drills, charger, bits and accessories. For less than $30 bucks
and in about an hour, you'll have a new spot that you
and your drill can call home. Here are the materials and
tools you're going to need. You can find them all at The Home Depot. For materials, you'll need
one six foot one by four, one eight foot one by eight,
one six outlet power strip, one pack of number eight two
inch wood screws, two packs of number six 3/4 inch wood screws. Now for the tools. You're going to need a circular saw, a
drill, and a one eighth inch drill bit. A one and a half inch spade bit,
measuring tape or a carpenter's square, clamps, pencil, sanding block,
and of course, safety goggles. For optional materials, you'll need
paint or stain and some safety gloves. So let's get started. Using your measuring tape, measure
and mark the pieces you'll need. From the one by four,
measure one piece that is 21 and 7/8 inches
long, and four pieces that are each seven and 1/4 inch long.

From the one by eight,
measure two pieces that are one and a half inches long,
four pieces that are two and a quarter inch long, two pieces that
are 11 and 3/4 inches long, and two pieces that are
21 and 7/8 inches long. Next, use the circular saw to
make straight cuts on your marks. Using your spade tip,
drill a 1 and 1/2 inch hole in the end of just one of
the 11 and 3/4 inch boards. If you are planning to
paint or stain your project, give all pieces a good
sanding and then paint or stain them before you assemble. Stand both of your 11 and 3/4
inch boards on their long end, then place one of the eight inch by
21 and 7/8 inch pieces in between them about three and a half
inches from the bottom.

Attach with your wood screws. Next, take your two one
and a half inch pieces and attach them to the bottom of the two
sides, making them flush to the edges. Attach with your wood screws. Grab one of your eight
by two and a quarter inch pieces and one of your four by
seven and a quarter inch pieces. Attach one of the two and a quarter
inch pieces along the bottom of one of the seven and a quarter inch pieces
in the center to create a T. Pre-drill and attach with your wood screws. Do this three more times with the
remaining two and a quarter inch and seven and a quarter inch pieces. Attach these T-supports to the
bottom shelf with your wood screws. Take the eight by 21 and
7/8 inch piece and place it into your built frame about two and
a half inches down from the top.

Attach with wood screws. Then take the four by
21 and 7/8 inch piece and stand it vertically on the
top shelf, flush with the back. Secure with your screws. For the final step, take your power
strip and line it up on the side piece. Using the mounting holes
on the back of the strip, make two marks on the side piece,
attach a 3/4 inch wood screw on each of these marks. Don't drill the screw flush, as this
is where we'll hang the power strip. That's it, you're done. Be sure and put your
tools away, including your drill, in your new drill station. For even more hands-on
help and projects, go to and sign
up for an in-store workshop near you. See you next time.

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