DIY Dream Desk Setup – Clean Modern Wood Design

My dream desk setup is pretty simple. As long as the desk is nice and clean, the
clutter of gadgets is kept to a minimum, and it’s ergonomic to support me throughout
the day. You can’t really go wrong with the design. Hi I’m David and here’s a quick tour of
my desk setup for 2017 So let’s start with desk top. The IKEA Karlby in the dark walnut color is
an incredibly popular choice for desk setups these days. The walnut mosaic design, a nice long length,
and the relatively low price tag, it’s no wonder why it is so popular. And I absolutely love it. But if you’re planning on getting one yourself,
just be aware, it’s built from a 1/8” Walnut veneer on top of particleboard so it
won’t be as strong as a more expensive solid wood top, the depth measures only at 65cm
deep which can be a little too short for some monitor setups, and the Walnut wood grain
has some rough edges that can splinter or catch on clothing fibers, so it will need
some extra maintenance to ensure it looks pristine over time.

The next part to the desk is the legs. I’m using an electric sit stand desk legs
from Anthrodesk. These desk legs are solid enough to hold up
the heavy wood top, and the clean straight lines matches well with the rest of the look. With the fully programmable function keys
I can quickly switch between sitting and standing. And when I combine the desk height flexibility
with my highly adjustable IKEA Volmar office chair, and a rolled up yoga mat as a foot
rest underneath. I’m able to setup everything just right
to make it the perfect ergonomic desk configuration for me. The next key part to my perfect desk ergonomics
is the computer monitor. I’m using a Dell U3415 ultrawide monitor. And I think this is still one of the best
quality and value ultrawide monitors available for productivity purposes. And when I combine it with a Vivo monitor
arm, I can position the monitor at my perfect height, angle, and close to the back edge
of the desk which is important with the short depth of thes karlby desk top.

And by offsetting the arm to the side I’m
also able to achieve this floating monitor configuration that looks great with the whole
minimalistic desk design. For me a clean desk setup means removing as
many wires as possible. So while not the best for performance, I’m
all for wireless peripherals. I’m using the Logitech K810 keyboard which
has a nice small footprint without the number pad, a low profile design so I don’t really
need a palm rest, and automatic backlighting that is convenient for sessions at night. Also when I need to quickly charge I have
an auto retracting micro usb cable behind my monitor so I never worry about low batteries. And I pair the keyboard with the Logitech
G602 mouse that matches nicely in color scheme and continues to serve me well. And finally some low key Edifier speakers,
and a PC in the sleek small footprint Silverstone FT03 chassis finishes off the rest of the
key components. So that’s my dream desk setup for 2017. A pure clean, minimal, and ergonomic setup. While I could probably add a plant or some
new artwork down the line to add some additional color.

I’m really pleased with the simplicity of
it all as it stands today. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video..

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