DIY Dream Desk Setup 3.0 – Clean Modern Wood Design

A new year a new desk setup. And this year I thought I’d refresh an old
favorite, my clean modern wood design desk setup with some new tweaks, upgraded tech
and change of style with this refresh. But as always, my setups are about the basics,
clean open space to keep my thoughts uncluttered, ergonomic touches to keep it comfortable and
flexible, and technology that keeps it all working. Hi I’m David and here is my updated clean
and modern wood dream desk setup for 2019. So the big standout change with my desk setup,
is the new desk. Or more specifically the wood tabletop. I decided to go with a rawer, more natural
color, Acacia kitchen countertop that I bought from Homedepot. The color pattern gives the desk a vibrant
feel and has a really nice stark contrast to items on the table. It also has a single wood piece for the live
edge that gives the table a really unique natural feel.

And I also added a layer of acrylic on top
to give it a nice glossy sheen and also protect it from stains and water. For the legs I’m still using the Jarvis
standing desk legs. It has smooth and quiet dual motors, really
good height range to adjust for standing and even sitting heights. And with an IKEA Signum cable rack installed
underneath it’s easy to keep wires tidy and out the way for a clean overall desk design.

Next is most expensive part of my desk setup,
the giant monitor. But for me a good monitor is worth the investment
and has the biggest impact for me on improving productivity and my overall experience. This 49 inch Dell ultrawide with its 5120×1440
resolution is essentially two 27” display stuck together. Sure it’s more expensive but the added flexibility
and aesthetics of a single ultrawide is worth it for me. Adding to the aesthetics and saving space
on the desk, I’m always a fan of a monitor arm. I’m using the Amazon basic monitor arm here. Another good investment I feel, since you
can always re-use with future monitor upgrades. While pricey at about $100, it’s still significantly
cheaper than alternatives of this build quality and strength needed to carry such a large
display. I also added a second cheap monitor arm with
a laptop stand to keep that off the desk as well. If you’ve watched my other videos you know
that I connect to both a laptop and desktop with my desk setup.

This upgrade to a simple docking station combined
with the built in KVM feature on my display allows me to seamlessly connect and power
my laptop through a single USB-C cable and quickly switch between systems depending on
what I’m working on. So whether I want to use my notebook or desktop
on the floor, I can have the same great experience using the same display, mouse and keyboard
on either system. For my keyboard I’ve switched to the Havit
86-key mechanical keyboard. I really like the low profile design and shorter
key travel, that makes typing on it more comfortable without the need for a palm rest.

The mechanical clicking action is very satisfying. And the 10 keyless layout is perfect for what
I need without sacrificing the usability of the function or arrows keys. My only complaints are related to aesthetic,
its wired, only has blue LEDs if you care about that, and has this gamer logo, which
I could really do without. But otherwise I feel it’s a fantastic keyboard
for what I need. The mouse I continue to use is the older G602
logitech mouse that continues to serve me well for my comfort and needed buttons.

I also now use a mouse pad to help protect
the desk and add some extra comfort when I rest my palms. I specifically got a custom designed and custom
sized mouse pad for my setup. I really like customizing my mouse pads to
avoid unnecessary branding and to get the right size for my keyboard and mouse so it
doesn’t take up unnecessary space on the desk. Audio is the last thing I was looking to fix
with this updated setup. I picked up these PreSonus Eris for my speakers. I like them because they aren’t too big,
they’re simple looking, sound decent and not too expensive.

I do find them a little harsh in the high
end out of the box, so I tune them down a bit with the equalizer built on the speaker. They can’t connect via USB so keep that
in mind if you’re looking for USB PC speakers. But I was specially looking for a powered
RCA cable driven speaker to connect to a mixer. I wanted to have both my chromecast audio
and PC audio feeding into these speakers at the same time.

Using this external mixer, now I can hear
audio from both sources without needing to toggle inputs like with most speakers, and
can also adjust the volume levels of each of the sources independently. A pricey upgrade but well worth it for someone
like me, who listens to a lot of music throughout my condo with all my chromecast devices. So that my revised clean and modern wood desk
setup for 2019. I’m really happy with how it looks and functions
based on my needs and look forward to getting work done with this new productivity setup. But hope guy enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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