DIY Copper Lamp Desk || Lampa de birou facuta artizanal

Hello and welcome to a new video Today we are dealing with desk lamps …or living room lamps…why not! I have a bulb here very nice, vintage and a piece of wood, of oak wood and a few copper pipes fittings, floor flange a switch and off course a vintage cable And I will put the all together and we hope to have, following the receipt, of course a DIY lamp Ok, let's do it! As I said I will use a piece of oak wood A few pieces of copper pipe and this metal flange as a base a few elbows of different sizes and of course this nice, vintage bulb and this vintage cable probably in one of the next videos I will deal with this bulb it is a very nice bulb, it will be a surprize…

Stay tuned and you'll see a nice lamp, with this message: LOVE OK, but let's focus on the our lamp So the design is simple this is the lamp base I will fit it there with tree screws then this copper pipe Il will add on the top of it a 45 degree elbow then another piece of copper pipe and then I will fit another 45 degree elbow after that I will add a reducer from 15 mm to 10 mm and then another piece of copper pipe of 10mm who will fit inside the fitting I need 10mm pipe because the diameter who goes inside the bulb holder in smaller, only 8mm I will have to drill it, to make it bigger, around 10mm the idea is that the fitting goes there, and then the bulb holder there and this will be the lamp and then of course, the wire and the switch, who is also a dimmer ok, so this is the idea i need to focus on to drill this hole bigger, from 8mm to 10mm and to do this i have to use a drill bit I will do another test, to check it I want to insert this 10mm pipe here at the moment it doesn't fit I will get the caliper and I'll measure the inside diameter so the inside diameter is exactly 8mm and I need to have it larger, around 10mm Yes, I will need it at 10mm So i will have to make it larger I will get this part of and then secure it in the vice and I will look for a 10mm drill bit and drill a hole Ok, I get the drill ready, with a 9.5 drill bit, to start with and the piece of the bulb holder ready now I will use the 10mm drill bit all done now let's try it to see if will fit or not I have to press it a little bit perfect and then this will go there So i make it from 15mm to 10mm Let's get rid of the vice, I don't need it anymore By the way, speaking about the caliper in one of my next video, I will speak more about this tool and how can you use it properly for the depth, for the internal measurements, external measurements In one of the next videos, so stay tuned….watch my channel now that this side is ready and as you can see a 15mm elbow goes well inside I will focus now on the wood piece I have to drill a hole for the wire so I can push the wire through here and follow all the way up and then I have to secure this flange into the wood piece I will use a 7mm wood drill to drill a hole just here, where the wire will enter also I have to drill another hole on the side of the wood piece, where the flange will go this flange will be fixed over here, and the wire will exit through it so one hole here and another one just here now the hole is done, on the side the hard part is now to push the wire through the hole and because the angle is almost 90 degree it wont be an easy task but I'm not scared at all because I've got all the tools that I need to make this lamp done I'm gone use a plyer to help me AAAAHHHH and I made it!!! Perfect Now this flange will be fixe here, and the wire will gone through the copper pipe all the way to the bulb Now what I can do is to focus on the copper piper design

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