DIY Convertible Picnic Table that folds into bench seats

welcome to DIY easy crafts calm how to make your own convertible picnic table that unfolds into a bench seat this table is actually very easy to make and it actually converts into two separate bench seats each of those benches when put together and fold it up creates one picnic table and here you see a picture of the table half up and half down Construction is just with some two by sixes and two by eight would available at any lumberyard to start the project we're going to cut all the wood to size and you can pause either one of these images which has the complete cut list all of the angle cuts are going to be set at twenty two and a half degrees and basically just cut the quantity and the shape shown on this image as well as the next note that many of these measurements the lengths are measured corner-to-corner as indicated on the previous image the decking for the table as well as the bench are of course 90-degree angles that's not an issue I just use the chops or for all the angle cuts I just set the chops or the 22 and a half degrees and I cut along my wood the size prior to starting to build on any of the project you start by assembling the leg assemblies and basically you need two left hand assemblies and two right handle assemblies I'm going to screw the backrest onto the crossmember just with two and a half inch screws and then I'm going to flip that over and secure the legs to that assembly the front leg is pretty easy you can line up the top as well as the front side and just make sure that they are flush and then that again to me Ephraim screws four or five of them secures that nicely the back leg for each assembly is a little bit more complicated it doesn't match up with the back of the corner so I just took a measurement right along the bottom edge of that crossmember it's twenty five and a half inches now this does not have to be exact it's not a critical measurement but you should make all of the leg assemblies the same you know just for aesthetics so with twenty five and a half inches I'm going to attach that leg again with the Q and a half inch wood screws and then here's two of my leg assemblies completed and shows both the left hand and a right hand assembly and the difference being that the legs are on the outside of each assembly and the back rest support is on the inside of both assemblies got to make sure you make two of each the next step is to attach the decking to the bench portion and I'm leaving about a two inch overhang on each side and about a half inch overhang on the very front of that bench you can use the same two and a half inch screws it's a very quick project and once both of those deck boards those deck boards are two by eights once both those are in position we can start working on the pivoting rail and that rail is what we're going to attach the actual picnic table top to now using a 3/8 drill I'm going to drill the hole two inches down from the top and in ancient three quarters in from the front side of that upright I actually made a jig so that I could drill that hole precisely on both sides of each bench upright and then I finished off it the drill hole through that combate rail if you don't drill that drill in that location that rail may not pivot down correctly so that it clears the front of that rail so what you want to end up with is a rail that's going to clear the front of that upward support with a bench on top of it I use the 3/8 galvanized bolt to secure that you don't want to tighten it up too much because it has to pivot and then I'm going to attach the 2 by 8 decking to the table itself all of these deck boards are cut 60 inches in length and that kind of determines the length of this picnic table if you wanted to make it slightly longer you could if you made it too much longer you might have to add a middle bracket I found these galvanized anchors that are half-inch diameter I use those these pins go underneath that pivoting rail and you'll see in a second when I show you from the backside so the rail actually sits on top of that pin and there'll be one of those pins on each side of the bench I also drill the hole straight down into you know right below that bracket so that you could store that pin when it's not in use and it a quick coat of paint and I actually added some decorative fish onto the back of the bench a very simple very easy do-it-yourself project nice little picnic table to easily pull the pins out from each side in order to convert it to a bench seat a total cost of this was under 150 dollars please check us out on the web at DIY easy crafts comm I hope you enjoyed this video if you did I ask that you please like and subscribe to this YouTube channel

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