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*Intro music* Hey guys! We're Evan and Katelyn! Today we're making an easy DIY entryway shelf, thingy with hooks you put keys in, and your mail on, and… We're making one of those This project is great for woodworking beginners, cause the steps are real easy to follow you only need two power-tools, and some supplies, which will be linked below This piece is made with a backing, two shelves, one with magnets under it for your keys, and four hooks Also, one shelf has a lip to hold mail But it's really modular. You can make it longer, add more hooks, take away the shelves, etc. For wood, we got select pine from the hardware store It's twice the price of the cheap stuff, but still cheap, and it's easier to work with, and it looks nicer There's a lot of options for hooks, like dowels, knobs, actual hooks But we ended up with these bath towel hooks from Amazon With our circular saw, we cut a 1×8 for the backing, and 1x4s for shelves We have a quick tip for this at the end of the video We also cut a square dowel to make a lip for the smaller shelf to hold mail We did a dry fit to make sure it all looked right, and then gave it a light sanding On the back, we marked where we wanted our long shelf to be, and three points to drill through into it We drilled pilot holes through just the backing first, and then we clamped on our shelf piece and drilled into that We should have used more that one clamp because it shifted, but luckily it was ok Then we did the same thing to screw the dowel to the smaller shelf It was a little misaligned, so we sanded down the ends Yes! Now it's time for magnets The magnets we used have a 3/8 inch diameter and are 1/4 inch long We put a piece of tape on our drill bit to help us drill to the right depth Then we used our favorite CA glue to secure the magnet in Once you do that, panic cause you don't know where your hammer is And grab a 2×4 to hammer it in Hey! Perfect!
That's one way to do it We attached the little shelf with screws, and took the whole thing outside to stain Nice! It makes the end look so much better We did two coats of shellac, which is sooo easy to work with and sanded with 600 grit sandpaper really lightly after each coat Then we applied some Briwax and buffed it out by hand And now, all that's left is hardware We marked and pre-drilled the holes We used our favorite screwdriver to drive these in by hand since they were a little close to the edge Then we added rubber feat so it'd hang straight, and not mark up the wall Next, we attached our hooks Side note: These were awesome cause they were really long, and way cheaper than anything else we found Should we go? Thank you guys for watching! *laugh* If you want to see what we're up to next, you can follow us on Instagram And for detailed plans, we have links below And don't forget to subscribe, if you haven't already Thank you! OK, quick tip time! Lining up your circular saw blade can be tricky, so here's how to make a little jig for accurate cuts First, raise the blade so that it won't cut all the way through the wood Then, clamp a speed square to some scrap wood mark a line along it, and cut a groove using the speed square as a guide Now you have a guide that shows you a line where your speed square should be, and a groove where your blade will cut You could cut all the way through the wood, instead of doing a groove But we like the groove, because it shows the thickness of the cut *beep* *hahahaha!* *beep* Do be do.

Do be do be do Do You ready? *beep* Nooooo!!! *beep* The entry shelf… Our entry waaaaay… It's a haunted entryway Entry-waaaaa aaaaayyy!!! *beep*.

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