DIY CNC Dust Shoe

so the old adage that when you get a new machine one of the first things you do is create a tool or an accessory that you'll use for the lifetime of the machine I guess a sort of followed that when I got the robotics asteroid one of the first things I did was create a dust shoe which you kind of see here attached to the machine and it was sort of a prototype and I had made it out of MDF and kind of evolved it over three or four iteration and once I kind of got to that point you know it never really became an issue so I just kept using it and I guess because there was an issue I guess that means I liked it so it's about a year later now and I figure I might as well make the real thing and one of the things you'll notice here is that making a video about a shoe and I forgot to turn on the dust collection while I didn't so anyway what we're machining here is the top plate and especially basically these two plates one that attaches to the router which we're seeing here hole on the left for the dust collection pull on the right for the router will pocket in the middle there for the button that allows you to lock the spindle so you can change the bit and we just flipped it in forehand and now we're going to machine the backside of that that plate so this does have magnets that holds the brush plenum in place but it also has a little Ridge that about 1/8 inch tall that runs around three sides of the chute and that basically keeps it from shearing so the easy way to remove the thing is what the magnets is tumorous slide it forward and that shears the magnet force and it allows it to be removed very easily so left a little onion skin there when we did the cut out and sanding that by hand a little bit now we're gonna remove the tabs for the flush cut router bit and we have to drill a hole basically through both sides horizontally through this piece and that's for a bolt that will allow us to put the clamping pressure on the plants both the dust collection fitting and the row and basically a router as well so now we're on the second piece this is going to be the the what we would call the brush polar and we appreciate the magnets pockets the interior chamber then profile and basically gonna remove it by cutting the tabs and the onion skin a little bit of sanding by hand to get rid of all the fuzzies and remove the tabs again with a flush trimming router bit both interior and exterior in this case and in two more sanding and for bringing both pieces together here you kind of see how they fit here we don't have the magnets and all the other pieces on but that's basically how they they said this is a dry fit at the top frame with the dust collection port in where I put the button lever in and the clamping bolt and we're going to transfer the neodymium magnets from the prototype which we ran for basically a year into the actual part and the the brush is made from a vinyl door sweep and in the prototype it was a very thin one and that had the benefit of being very clear so it was like you could just look right through it and see what the bit was doing this one's a little thicker and a little stiffer and we're gonna actually run it on the interior its plenum chamber this time with the prototype we ran it started on the exterior so we'll give this a try and see how we like it but so far the length pretty well we're just gonna go around the entire circumference and just cut this sweet in distress we're going to drive fit the final assembly here putting on the mainframe and install the dust collection port clamp it down to the router install the screw this is what the final product looks like you

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