DIY Chin up and Dip Station

foreign okay guys so the first step today is cutting 
our frame through our tune-up bar we're going   to be using that 90 by 90 dress pine again and 
we're going to need two at 2100 200 700 and two   or three hundred we're going to be fixing 
those in using these brackets which are 270   by 75 by 5 mm following that we can then 
fix it into our floor using some l brackets now it's time to start putting 
in our nut bar at the top here   and our four handles at the front so 
our channel button is the 1200 long   and our four handles need to be 200 mil long so 
we've got two coming out this way through our dips   and two uprights for our ab exercises and 
we're going to be using 30 ml tubing we're   going to need to drill a 32 mil hole and then 
we'll fix those in using some batten screws okay so we're on the home stretch now what's 
needed is our back support and the way we're   going to go about this is cutting two bits 
of this hundred by nine mill pipe and we're   going to fix those in using chipboard screws 
at the bottom here then you need to cut one   at the top now the reason for having two 
at the bottom is to make sure our seat is   on a slight angle to make sure it's extra 
comfortable following that we can then cut   our seat using this 250 by 19mm pine we need 
to cut that 300 mil then we can put our yogurt so and we're done today guys so as you can see i 
ended up putting these handles at the bottom now   i picked these up from bunnings for four bucks 
for the pair so i thought it'd be very rude   not to put those on and they're perfect for doing 
our push-ups up the top here we have our bar for   doing our chin ups and pull-ups in the center here 
we have our horizontal handles for doing our dips   and last but not least we have our 
vertical bars for doing our ab exercises   and achieving that desired washboard just 
in time for summer in a couple of months

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