DIY Chainsaw Mount for ATV Part 2 of 4

hi folks that's the start of dr2 on their chins on mount build I hope you can hear me over the wind turbine noise and background sorry about that no but I'm gonna start today just by rounding off these sharp corners on the plate just using the old dremel tool where they kind of grind and disk on it so get on to that just now right now that's all cleaned up I'm gonna do now is just using square find out exactly where I want the mount to sit plant to sit so you might all be sitting on me on the rear side it wouldn't want to be any further back than that mark because I don't want it to be catching on this so I might just move it out a bit more intentionally remove the saw now I've got a rough idea no I'll do the proper measuring up I've got to figure that that's where the air clamps going screwy yeah thirteen centimeters across or chose me to fit two of these hinges I'm using 2 rather than 1 so it gives me a nice wide grip area I think no no work that way so I'm doing a 13 by 14 high so they're they're the measurements I need to take on to the next part all right so move this again and there we'll get the other piece of it away for the air clamp well yeah here's the old guillotine I'm going to use for the middle for the clamp I'm gonna strip all the excess material off it and then I'm going to get mark to exactly what size I need to cut the two halves of the clamp so I'll do that and then I'll bring you back just in case you wonder what we can other noise that there's those things the nearest ones day 950 minutes we have ended today as you can see I've got most of their metal freed up there unfortunately that's this edge is just a little too short to be my support because I'm gonna need to bend an edge over to support the one side of the moon I might I'm thinking maybe keep this on and roll it over to give a thief's edge on the top of the moon I'm not 100% sure yet okay but next step is screwing it as marked out for cotton and I'll figure out about this lip what to do that right there we have the main body marked oh now I've decided that I'm not going to keep this lip unwrought over for the top I'm going to keep the original edge for the tops that's quite nervous and then I'm gonna see if I can bend this over so we'll give me an extra bit and bend the sort of a back street so I can then there cut this cut this in half Bend one piece one way the other piece the other way it will give me a nice solid support and that way I think and then the door side I'm going to leave measuring the length that I just know and so I've got this body mounted and I can work on the saw and on the moment where it needs to needs to be so I said for now I'm just going to cut cut this out and get it tided up we have now got the edges pretty well cleaned up and the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to split that's just really grand I'm just going to outline there because this line here is you know that's my fault line there so I'm going to bolt the full one of these back and one of them forward saw that it should stand up on its own and then I can just fasten it down with bolts or rivets through to impor its to go on the beasts okay I'm just going to do that now if you just bust it with a grounder well that's one been done to do these bends we just got the other piece of what I'm using as the door just resting up against the back of the piece that I'm using and just gotta clamp down there's just a case of gently folding on the door and then that should be it so you call this a faults done and it does stand up pretty vertical which I just make any final adjustments when I've got it mounted to the other plate and there but that feels like it's going to be pretty strong so that's that so white so big or you can see today's work this bit here it's in position just no but I've not ever fastened to doing I'll be back tomorrow my back is killing me again and they're still gonna shape this top a bit more I think yeah just put a bit more of a curve on it but I shall leave that and so I've got both pieces together so I can do them to them at the same time so they're even next step I'll be starting next time is flatten it down and then measure out where I want the hinges and the doors to be

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