DIY Bunk Bed. Easy, Strong, Inexpensive.

this particular monk bite is going to be made out of nothing but two by sixes and two by fours like just about everything else I make and primarily that's because it's cheap and it's readily available pretty much everybody has access to these I'm going to start with the bed frames and they're made out of two by sixes I want to keep the sanding on this project down to a minimum and that's where I can keep a lot of the character that the wood has any imperfections but I don't want to have any of these manufacturer marks to show through on the final project so I'm going to run these through the thickness planer on both sides to gently remove just a little bit and get it back down to bare wood because most of the joinery will be covered by something else I'm going to use pocket holes to make things go by a lot faster both of my bed frames are done so I can focus my attention on the actual mattress slats and they're going to rest on a piece of 2×2 material for me it's cheaper to buy a 2×4 and just make my own 2×2 material but if you don't have a table saw or you find that actually purchasing 2×2 material is cheaper then that's definitely an option for you I'm using regular two by fours for these slats and the reason being is it's cheaper to buy a two by fours for me than it is to buy the same amount of length in one by four material and I'm cutting a rabbet on both sides but I'm not using a dado blade because I want to save the offcut piece and once the center board is drilled and screwed into place I'm going to use that off cut as a spacer to locate the next slot now just the center slot is going to be secured permanently with screws but the rest of the slats will easily fit into the grooves that these off cuts will make if you don't have a table saw or a bandsaw I'm gonna show you really quick how you can make the rabbet cuts in the end of your slats with just a regular handheld circular saw this is just a jig with three pieces of wood screwed together at 90 degree angles and if I slide it onto the piece of wood it'll show me exactly where my first cut of the rabbit will be to set my blade depth to about half of an inch for this cup to make the final vertical cut I just need to clamp a fence to the side of my material so that the distance from the fence to where my saw blade will be is enough to remove half of an inch of material and set the depth of my blade to about one and a half inches so now that I've shown you how to make this cut with a circular saw I'm going to go save a bunch of time and use my bandsaw all four legs of the moped are going to be an l-shaped form by a two by four pocket hole screwed into a two by six I'm using pocket holes because I don't want any unsightly screw heads or carriage bolts to be seen on the outside of this bunk bed but I don't necessarily want to see the pocket hole screws on the inside so I'm going to very carefully space these so that they are in a location that will be further covered up by either a 2×4 piece of the ladder system or the actual bed frame itself wasn't that selective with these two by sixes and most of them have some defects on the ends from the manufacturing process I'll just plain these off with a block plane and then round over the edges if needed the final piece is to install are these little blocks and their only purpose is to help locate the actual bed frames during assembly the inside corner of all the bed frames gets two screws into the short side of the bed and then six screws into the long side of the bed the front or the back depending on which side you're on and these two are just to hold it in place in these six will prevent any type of racking this direction the construction of this bunk bed is completed there is no unsightly screw heads or lag bolts or carriage bolts on the outside of this thing everything is all the hardware is on the inside of the bumper each of the short ends double as a full-sized ladder to climb up to the top bunk so depending on how you have this position you can access the top bunk from either end now I didn't apply any finish just yet because I want to take some time to experiment with steel wool vinegar and some brie wax so that will probably be in an upcoming video you'd like to build one of these bunk beds – I do have a set of plans available on my website and if this is your first time here and you want to see more projects just like this then go ahead and subscribe I post a new word working video pretty much once a week and there's all kinds of other woodworking related content that I post on my website throughout the week if you follow any of these social media platforms then go ahead and check out my Facebook page I'm most active on there but I am on just about all the others thanks for watching folks and have a great day

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