DIY | Building a Tufted Queen Size Bed From SCRATCH!!!!

– Hey everybody April here and welcome back to my DIY home series and in this video, I'm gonna show you how I made my very own
Queen Size Tufted bed. So to get the project started you're gonna have to go
to your local fabric store and the fabric store that I like to go to is JOANN Fabric and you're gonna have to
go there to get your fabric your batting, and your foam and you're also gonna have to go to Home Depot or Lowe's, I like Home Depot and you're gonna have
to get all of the wood that you need to make your bed and I'm making a queen size bed so I'll leave all of the measurements and the cut-list and stuff
like that for this bed in the description box but Home Depot does cut wood for free.

So make sure that you go there prepared with all your measurements and stuff and they will hook
you up with all of your wood. All right, so here are
all of my cut pieces that I need for my bed. So to start this project off, we're gonna first take a two by nine, which is one of the side rails and we're gonna take some foam and cut off any of the extra pieces
with an electric knife and here is my best friend Chelsea who is going to be helping me for the next three days,
put this bed together. So like I said, I'm just
using an electric knife I did see some people use
some scissors to cut the foam but I can even begin to imagine
how time consuming that is. So I definitely recommend that you guys pick up an
electric knife for this project. So now I'm gonna take some spray adhesive and spray the entire two by nine and place my foam on the board and you just wanna apply some pressure to make sure that the foam sticks.

Now, I'm just gonna take
the other two by nine which is the other side rail spray the adhesive on
and laid down my foam. All right, so now we're
gonna cut some batting and you can get that from the fabric store and we're just gonna lay the side rail onto the batting and begin
to staple the batting to the back of the wood and here I'm just using
a heavy duty staple gun but you can just use a regular
hand staple gun as well and when you're stapling your batting you wanna make sure that
you're pulling it tight and here I'm just showing you
what the side rail looks like after I've stapled the
batting on both sides. Okay, so now it's time for the fabric and I highly recommend that
you iron out your fabric beforehand just to get out any wrinkles and we're just going to lay
the side rules onto the fabric and do the same thing. You're just gonna staple your fabric to the back of the wood and when you're stapling,
you wanna make sure that you're pulling the
fabric as tight as you can and here I'm just showing you what I'm doing for the corners.

You wanna make sure that
you have very nice pleat because it is possible that
once you put your bed together the end rails may show. So this is what we have so far this is our first rail, our side rail and as you can see, it's very smooth, no wrinkles in the fabric
and it has great cushion because of the foam and the batting. So you just wanna go ahead and repeat those same steps
for your other side rail and your end rail, which
is the three by nine. Okay, so now we're gonna go ahead and start working on the headboard and what you wanna do is mark where you want your buttons to go. So that's what I did and
here I'm just drilling the holes where I want my buttons placed. Okay, so after you've drilled your holes you wanna go ahead and
place your foam on top and get rid of any of the extra foam and I am gonna have a
nail head trim border so that's why you see
some of the plywood expose and all of the foam is not covering it and now I'm gonna start
working on my buttons now you can actually go
ahead and get buttons made but I decided to get a
button kit from JOANN Fabric and make my own button, so
that's what I'm doing here.

So with the headboard you
wanna do the same exact things that you did to the side
rails and the end rail and you just wanna go ahead and
spray on some spray adhesive and lay your phone down. (upbeat music) So now I'm taking an upholstery needle and what I'm doing here is,
is laying under the plywood and sticking the upholstery needle through the hole that I
drilled through the board and I'm sticking the
needle up through the foam and Chelsea is marking
where I want my buttons on the foam, if that makes
sense, I hope that makes sense and what you see there is the markings of where I want my buttons.

So now you just wanna take
a knife or some scissors or whatever tool that may
help you with this step but you just wanna cut out the foam for where you're gonna place your buttons. So now we're just gonna
lay out our batting and place the headboard onto the batting and we're gonna do the same thing just staple the batting to
the back of the headboard. Okay, so I told you guys
that I am going to have a nail head trim border. So what I'm doing now is stapling
the batting onto the foam to make that border for me and along that line is where I'm going to have my nail head trim and you will see the border
actually start to appear as I'm stapling. So now its time for the buttons and what I'm going to be
using is waxed button thread.

So what I'm doing is
just sticking the needle through the fabric, the
batting, the foam and the wood and pulling the thread
all the way through. (upbeat music) Okay, so here's the back of the headboard and that is the thread
that I just stuck through and what I'm gonna do is staple the thread in a zigzag pattern so that the thread does not
move and the button stay secure and before you begin stapling you wanna make sure that you
pull the thread very tightly so that the tufting can create on its own. So now that we have our buttons in place this is what the front of the headboard is looking like so far. So now we're just gonna go ahead and continue to do what
we did to the side rails and end rail and that is
just pulling the fabric tight and stapling it to the
back of the headboard.

So this is what the back of
the headboard is looking like you can see all of the
staples from the thread of the buttons and this
is the front so far. All right, so now I'm gonna
apply my nail head trim and I got this from JOANN Fabric also but I've also seen this at Walmart. So with the nail head trim
all you do is place the nail into every fifth hole I believe and you hammer it in with
a mallet, a rubber mallet.

I do have my rubber mallet
covered with a plastic bag because when I did it, it
was marking up my fabric. So that's why I had that bag on there and when you're hammering
your nail head trim you wanna use a rubber mallet because a regular hammer will damage and scratch up your nail head trim and after you've applied
your nail head trim, you're all done, we're all
done with the headboard and we're done with the side and in rails and now it's time to put the bed together.

So I did have Chelsea's husband
put the bed together for me because he did have
all of the proper tools and the powerful drill
and all that good stuff. So, first we're gonna take our two by two and attach it to the side rail and just an FYI, you will
need to pre-drill your holes because we are working
with pretty thick wood. So after you've pre-drilled your holes then you can go back in
and screw in the nails.

All right, and to attach the side rails and the end rails together we are gonna be using two
different types of corner braces and I will leave that information
in the description box so you just wanna go ahead
and drill those corner braces to the side rails and then
drill the side rails together. So, now we're gonna use
these heavy duty top plates and screw them into
the corner of the rails and we're using these plates
to attach the furniture feet. So I did get my furniture
feet from Home Depot and I did stay in it with an Ebony color but for some reason I lost that footage so I'm sorry about that.

But all you do is screw the furniture feet into the top plate and now we're gonna take the three by ones and screw those into the two by twos and these don't have to be screwed in you could just simply lay
them on the two by two but for extra support and security I just wanted them screwed in and this is what your box spring and mattress is gonna lay on. So now we're gonna attach the two by fours to the back of the
headboard for some support and as you can see, he's just measuring to make sure that they
are equally spread apart and we did place the two by fours, 12 inches from the ground and you just wanna go
ahead and screw those in and you're also gonna have to
pre-drill those holes as well and now it's just time to attach
the headboard to the rails and it fits perfectly and here he's just growing
the bottom of the two by fours to the back-end rail (upbeat music) and here I just wanted to show you guys that the corner of the back-end
rail will need some fabric because it is going to be shown but you don't have to
add any foam or batting or anything like that.

Just cover a little portion
of that back-end rail so the bare wood is not shown and that is it you guys, we
made this bed from scratch. I absolutely love how this turned out, it took us three days to complete but nonetheless, you
know, we got through it it wasn't difficult at all
is just very time consuming. So don't shy away from
big projects like this I say, go for it, just take your time and it'll come out the way that you want. This is definitely a project
that you will need help with so get your best friend, get your spouse, your husband, your wife or whatever and get to building a bed and don't forget to
check the description box for any information that you may need and I hope you enjoyed this video. I really enjoyed making this bed and I just wanted to show
you guys how it came out and the process of making this bed and that's it for this
video, I hope you enjoyed it if you did, please give it thumbs up and share with anyone
that may find it helpful and I will see you all in my next video.

Thanks for watching, bye. (upbeat music).

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