DIY Bookrack for Kids

hello youtubers here is my next project I'm gonna make a kids book rack and I'm on Pottery Barn Kids calm and this is the one that I'm looking at right now because it has the books that face outward so my kids will be able to see which books they're grabbing instead of grabbing the words from the binder they have two options there's one with four shelves and one that's wider with three and I think I'm going to do the four one here because it's narrower and won't take us up as much room and I'm gonna build two of these one for Ben and one for Sam so I just got done running these side panels through the router I used a quarter inch cove bit to give me a edge like that next I'm going to take these boards the shelf boards and run a quarter inch roundover on the edges to give me a nice round look here's what the board looks like after using the quarter inch roundover bit you can see it gives a nice round edge I have the edges routed using that quarter inch round round over bit now I can put this into the Kreg jig and what I do is just clamp it in here like this and put the drill in this drill bit right here drill away unclamp it and I'm only gonna put two screws in each one of these that's it so I just got done cutting out for these art shapes on these boards and this is what it looks like using the scroll saw I'll go ahead and use the round over bit router bit on there and make it look like this so I've already assembled this first one here and that's what it will look like here's the second one I need to put it on the front boards I need to put the trim on to let's see where did i do what did i do that war over here so this will be the trim it'll be about that high off the ground around the front like that and I think I'm gonna use this quarter inch Roman bit on there so give it a nice look but this is what it looks like so far first show and a second show alright it's been about six weeks now since I've had a chance to work on this since my last video I said that I was going to use this thicker piece of edging but I'm not I switching to this and I'm not going to use the quarter over or the quarter Roman router bit I just don't like that instead I'm gonna use the corner round over with bearing bit give that a try I also got the putty top screws and sanded drew out I don't know what that's called like they I don't know what they make it look pretty I guess so I will cut and do the route here's the bookcase primed and ready to be painted and then over here this one's primed and I just started to paint I picked out a blue color and it will look nice in his room here is the bookcase finished what I didn't show in the previous video is I cut out a notch back here I don't know if you can see very well but um it will sit flush up against the wall as the only thing that I didn't show I believe and here it is thanks for watching

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