DIY Bird Perch Stand (Easy, Affordable + NO Screws!)

A couple of you guys have been asking… Oh no! We lost them! Benji! Bijou! Hey everybirdy! It's Kim and Dan with our birds, Benji and Bijou! We had a few people ask us on our Instagram
about this perch that we had DIY'd. We thought we'd show you how we made it! Let's head to the garage! *joyful whistling* This DIY is pretty simple and doesn't require many tools. What you'll need is: bird-safe wood for the base and two dowels for the vertical
and horizontal parts of the perch The diameter of your dowels will depend
on the size of your bird's peets (feet)! For our cockatiels, we chose 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. As for tools, we used a miter saw
and a drill press to make things easier, but you could technically use
a regular hand saw and a drill too. Lastly, we used a fancy forstner bit, although you can get away with a large size drill bit First we marked our vertical dowel to height.

We thought around 11 inches would
be perfect for a table top stand. Then, we marked our horizontal dowel
just a tad shorter at 10 inches, and used our miter saw to cut these both down. This design was simple enough where you could
just eyeball it based on your bird's size. Afterwards, we took the base and
marked it around 13 inches, slightly wider than the perch itself, and cut that on the miter saw.

Next, we marked out the center of the base and drilled a hole of the same diameter
as our vertical dowel using a drill press. After that, we marked the center of the perch, in order to drill a hole for the vertical dowel to fit in. Using a v-shaped sled on the
drill press made this much easier, but you could use a regular drill. That's it for the cutting and drilling! Now, it's time for the glue up! We used non-toxic wood glue. And we found that wax paper helps a lot with clean up. We put a healthy amount of glue on each dowel and pushed them into place,
wiping off the excess glue. Lucky for us, everything turned out pretty square! Putting the perch in place was pretty satisfying.

All that's left to do is let the
glue dry for at least 24 hours. Woohoo! So it's been a few days and our perch has dried! The last thing I want to do is
add these furniture pads to the bottom. All done! Now it's time to call in the Inspectiels. Dun dun dun! The inspectiels are here! Alright guys, what do you think? Bijou, what do you think? She gives it one claw up! So I've got a clicker and a chopstick for training, we also have a few different treats. Let's see if Benji will do any tricks for us! Are you ready?
The boy is stretching! He's ready! Benji, ready?
High five! Good boy! Bijou's doing it too! Spin! Yeaaaah spin! Good boy! What happened, Dan? Bijou is really comfortable on her
perch because she pooped on it.

Bijou! Did you poop on the perch? There it is. Does that mean you like it? I think it means she loves it. Poop happens! *kiss* *giggles* High five! High five! Hold it! Good boy! Spin! Good boy! High five! Good boy! I'm so proud of you. Let's do a spin and a high five, ready? Spin! And high five! Aww, so talented! Bijou's not as far along with her training as Benji is. She's still working with the chopstick
to do some point training and stuff, but we can get her to spin. Okay Bijou, spin! Spin! Spin! Spin around! Bijou, spin! Woohoo! Good job, Bijou! That's a good spin! Oh my gosh, we're so proud of our birds for learning all these different tricks. I don't think we could've done it
without our DIY bird perches.

I hope you're able to follow our instructions and if you do, feel free to tag us on Instagram. We're at either @itsKimandDan or @BenjiandBijou and we'd love to see what
creations you make for your birds. Mwah! Kisses! Spin! Spin! Thanks for watching! Bye! So it's been a few days and… (chirp) Benji! If you guys are wondering, I think Benji either bonked into something
when he was flying around the house or he accidentally maybe scratched
or molted off some feathers by his ear.

That's why you can see his ear pretty clearly. But he's a good boy, and he's happy.
He's okay. He's healthy..

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