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hey guys welcome back to my channel new to my 
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a sprinkle of below the poor today I'm gonna show   you how to make this very trendy box top I'm 
very happy to add it to my inventory here we   go alright guys so here is the material that I'm 
going to be using to make my pack drops and this   is the material that I've been raving about the 
loose almost like acrylic the white acrylic and   I love it it is great it is only $13 hold on 
one second our picture for you here it is this   material is called thrifty white panel board I 
am going to add my round backdrop video at the   end of this video and you're basically going 
to follow the same instructions plus adding   this to the top of it and you love it cuz look 
how nice and shiny it is alright let's move on   and I wanted to show you my inspiration there 
it is these are beautiful are you should be   see down with flowers I rarely see these with 
balloons but I'm going to use balloons at the   end so I'm going to make John one and this 
one but they seem the opposite direction so   basically this one in that one but that 
one's a little bit too short let's do it РTracy my first curve I am going to use this Ben 
deep X tube that I got from Home Depot the panel   is 4 feet by 8 feet and it is a little bit too 
tall I am going to cut the height first before   I start tracing the curb so I'm going to make 
it about six-and-a-half feet so you have to   be very carefully delicate with this panel you 
can just bang it all over the place okay cozy   [ __ ] alright so I kind of like damaged it on 
this side so I'm going to make my curve come   in this way so I can just put the cord up I'm 
using my jigsaw to cut and I also use a metal   blade so you can cut really really fine and 
smooth to make the backup sturdy I am going   to add a couple of pieces of wood to a spine 
to it so you can't stand up straight and not   like flop since I'm not placing another piece of 
wood behind it I'm just gonna use that because I   think that's enough for this particular backdrop 
so I am going to cut it first and I'm going to   be using my run saw to do that if you don't have 
any round saw you can use a regular handsaw or you   can ask the guys at Home Depot or Lowe's to cut 
the piece of wood for you this piece of wood is   I believe 239 a piece for the other side of the 
backdrop I'm only going to be cutting this piece   of wood from here to right here now I'm going to 
make the other backdrop and it's basically the   same thing the only difference that this one is a 
little bit shorter and a little bit narrower okay   so I've decided that I'm going to make my second 
backdrop only six feet tall which means that I'm   taking away only six inches from the height and 
I'm also going to take away six inches from the   width I'm going to use my previous panel to help 
me make the curve on my new panel for the panels   to face the opposite direction from the other you 
want to keep the new panel facing Brown side up   and you want the first panel to face white side 
up on top of it now I'm going to cut and I'll be   right back alright so now it's time to add the 
support for the backdrop and I'm going to first   glue the pieces of wood onto the panel and I'm 
using tight bond premium wood glue and I'm just   going to a decent amount because you don't want 
it to slip all over the place because you've got   to pack a bit of weight over it but when you place 
a little bit too much sometimes it starts lighting   you don't want to add too little either so just 
you know find a happy medium alright guys so I'm   going to do the same to the other one of camera 
and then I'm going to let it dry overnight and   then I'm going to go to the next step tomorrow 
because it is getting late and I am tired and   hungry so tomorrow I will add the legs and I'm 
also going to paint it so I'm very excited about   that how can you guys so today is the next day 
and it's raining so I cannot paint I am hoping   that this is not going to be an all-day thing 
so I can paint a little later but other than   that you might have to stay white so it finally 
stopped raining and it is about 6 p.m.

Actually   I think about 6:30 so I'm kind of like running 
against time here before you start anyway as you   can see the two sticks on the back top are nice 
and dry and it's glued on there it's not gonna go   anywhere but I want to still secure it a bit more 
what I'm going to do is use my nail gun to secure   even more with a couple of nails right here at the 
top and then down here at the bottom on both sides so now I am going to be placing the legs on the 
back track and they're going to go down here   at the bottom I usually make my own out of wood 
out of the same stick right here I usually have   some left over and I use the rest to make the L 
stand but I decided not to do that this time so   I decided that I was just going to buy this I'm 8 
by 12 these are 8 by 12 heavy-duty shelf brackets   I got this at Walmart for 5 dollars and 30 cents 
they are heavy duty so they have a little weight   to them so I like that they also come with its 
own screws so that's great so I'm just going   to go ahead and screw them at the bottom of my 
sticks down here with my drill you always want   to drill a hole there's a bit smaller than your 
screw okay and you don't want to drill the hole   too deep either because you need something 
to grip it and grab it well I hear water I   hear water oh my gosh raining again okay I'm 
back it stopped raining again this is the same alright so now I'm going to paint this backdrop 
in a Silverlight lock make sure that you spray   at a distance at least 10 inches to a foot away 
so you won't get any drips and there they are   they are still a little bit wet that's what 
you see right here where is a little darker   I'm going to use some tags to help me hang my 
garlands I'm going to be attaching them from   these spines of the backdrop so the couple of 
sticks that you guys remember are on the back   I'm going to place them on there I have been 
wrestling with these balloons for about an hour   and I'm finally satisfied I do need something 
something else all right guys this is it I hope   you guys enjoy this video and if you did please 
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leave me a comment let me know your thoughts on   this backdrop let me know what you think of the 
overall look and make sure to share share share   with your friends so you can save them a buck 
or two alright guys until next time love you bye

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