DIY adjustable incline bench

Today I'm going to show you how to build one of 
these adjustable incline benches for 60 dollars. Let's get started! okay, so our first step 
today is cutting our framework for our   incline bench which we'll use out of this 90mm x 
90mm dressed pine. We're going to need one at 1150mm  and 4 at 300mm. We're then going to fix 
it all in using these 150mm batten screws.  Now if you feel like you're a bit of a Picasso 
and you want to check all these in nice and neat¬†¬† by all means go for it…I just feel like¬†
it's a lot of extra work for not much reward.

It's now time to cut our back support frame 
which will be used out of this 40mm x 40mm dressed pine.  We need two at 760mm.
Following that, we can then cut   our back support adjustment out of this 20mm 
x 20mm and we need two at 400mm. Following   that, we can put those together using this 10 
mm threaded rod, some washers and some nuts. As you can see she's really starting to take 
shape now..

Functionally moving pretty well perfect,   lovely. Now this bolt here I've drilled the holes 
300mm from this edge to the centre. Our bolts   here for our back support, I've come 400mm
to the centre of our holes, and for our back   bolt here.. for those holes, I've drilled them 25 
mm from each edge to the centre of their holes   now as you can see, I've actually put washes 
between each bit of timber here.. see that?..   now the reason for doing that, is to allow our 
back support to run freely at any angle because   I can assure you, if you don't put those washes in 
you're going to have a very bad time! Now it's time   to start marking out and cutting out our slots 
for where we want each angle of our incline bench Now it's time to start installing our seat 
using 19mm mdf panelling. We want to cut our   first section 350mm x 300mm wide, then our top 
section needs to be 860mm x 300mm. We want   to install that using 40mm chipboard 

Following that, we can then start   installing our yoga mat which will be 
put on using our trusty friend, double-sided tape. And there we have it guys! If you liked what you 
saw today, make sure to like, subscribe and share!   Now time to test her out you!.

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