DIY a Sleek Slatted Bench with Ease

[Music] this is sky and today I'm going to show you how to DIY a sleek slatted bench with ease here are the supplies you'll need seven two by fours at 8 feet long 3 1 by 4 is at 10 feet long sandpaper paint and wood stain wood glue 2 inch nails a drill hand sander and from today's sponsor a home write super finish max paint sprayer cut the boards to size according to the cut list available on home jelly or in the link in the description or if you're like me you can go to your nearest Home Depot and have the folks there cut it for you it's a lot easier that way sand all the boards with p120 or p150 paper to smooth and rough or sharp edges next paint your top boards any color you'd like this was really easy with the super finish max sprayer it only took me about 15 minutes to complete all seven boards now stain the edges of the remaining pieces set aside for pieces of two-by-fours these will show on the front and the back of your bench and stain all edges and one side there's no need to stay in the bottom edge because this will just be sitting on the floor next stain only three edges of the remaining two by fours and one by fours again there's no need to stain the bottom edge that will sit on the floor nor the sides as they will be sandwiched against each other and not show alright next we're gonna drill pilot and countersink holes this is very important to do this will help make your bench slats really sit together nicely when marking my pilot holes I alternated each board diagonally this will ensure that when we place the board's on top of each other and screw down we're gonna screw down into wood and not on top of the other screw if you don't have a countersink drill bit don't worry about it just choose a regular drill bit that has the same diameter as the head of your screw and it'll work just fine to make a countersink hole take a couple bursts of your drill so that you can make a hole just deep enough so that the head of your screw will sit flush against the wood sand any rough edges and you're ready to go now to assemble place your first layer of 2×4 boards face down apply wood glue to the 1 by 4 then place on top and screw down to both the top and leg two by fours add the second layer of two by fours onto the first layer of one by fours apply wood glue to the leg two by fours then screw down repeat this process until all your boards are used quick tip in this video I attached each board by simply screwing a screw down through the pilot holes that I previously made what I would recommend to avoid Gap Creek is before attaching your screws drill using a bit just under the diameter of your screw down through the top layers pilot hole and down to the next layer of wood to add a second pilot hole this will ensure that the next layers wood will accept your screw to make a tight bond between each layer finish with the final layer for the top board you'll have to create pilot holes then screw to attach add wood filler sand then paint for a finished look since I'm placing this bench outside I wanted to protect it with some clear multi-surface waterproofer spray I love how simple this project is with little DIY effort you can make this bench that looks architectural and expensive for more detailed instructions go to our website if you'd like to check out more of our doable DIY projects follow us on Instagram or Pinterest and please don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos

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