DIY 11🛠 Sliding Barn Door Build Tutorial ✏Carpentry Tips & Hacks

We're about to build a door, a door between
two dimensions. In one dimension the fast-paced intense work ethic of a
high-powered businesswoman, an attorney who has no patience for fools or wasted
time. The other dimension inhabited by two teenage girls with smartphones and
the intense drama of platforms like snapchat and Tik Tok
driving their every move, thought, and action. These two dimensions once had no
door to separate them and the drama intensified quickly, like Japanese
fighting fish thrust into the same cage suddenly with no barrier to protect them
from each other's wrath and venom. They were on a one-way track headed right
toward each other in a place known only as the conflict zone. Picture if you will
a man, at first glance not a bright man, at second glance still not a bright man,
but a dreamer, a man who dreamed of a way to prevent this inevitable collision of
worlds. He would build a majestic sliding barn door and because of this
door the fighting would finally come to an end and they would begin to live
separately and in relative peace but not so separately that one dimension could
not check on the other dimensions homework.

This is the story of that man's
journey to build that majestic door and the mental Giants that he consulted
along the way to make certain that this indeed would be the door that prevents
the conflict zone. The conflict zone! The hell you say, well gosh darn it
I wish this video had come out sooner. Maybe I wouldn't be headed to jail thinking
about that gosh darn Carole Baskin all the time. you know she's a witch. that carole baskin is a witch. I always try to have my earplugs in when that guy's talking.
Hey folks are you ready for this? I sure hope so because we're we've got quite a
few guests lined up to help guide you through building your very own
soundproof sliding barn door that can hopefully help prevent a flood of family
disputes as hundreds of thousands of people are sent home because of this
pandemic to work in offices that up until recently had just been closets and

Hey folks before we move along let me
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Well I've hung quite a few of these
doors over the years. They seem to be all the rage right now and today I'm gonna
teach you how to build your very own barn door that will suit your family's
needs. So in addition to myself and a few visits from my Uncle Joe Exotic, I'm also gonna
be working today in the shop with my cousin Cleetus. Cleetus is a fantastic
carpenter and has his own method of teaching
so grab your safety equipment and let's head down to the shop because he and I
are going to be using a combination of New World convenience and a healthy dose
of old world craftsmanship now I as you've seen we're making this
door on the fancy side but don't let that worry your pretty little face none
because all throughout this process I'm going to be giving you tips on how to
make a much simpler version on this very same door.

First thing you want to do is
start with a nice sheet of plywood. I recommend plywood for this project
because this is a door that's going to be hanging from the top.Iit ain't going
to be on hinges and this here plywood will give us the rigidity that we need
so that over the years the door don't change shape none or as they say in my
business it won't get racked, that means it just kind of ends up turn from
rectangle into trapezoid.Nnow I recommend using a sheet of plywood that is straight,
smooth, and thick, that'll allow us to glue, screw, or nail just about anything
we want to this here piece of plywood and turn it into the barn door that
you've been dreaming of.

Now we're going to be decorating this here door with
something we picked out it's called beadboard and this beadboard is
actually made from something they call sinker pine you might be asking
yourself what in the holy heck is sinker pine? Sinker pine is lumber that's
made from old timbers and logs that'd been dredged up and rescued from River Basins
an the bottoms old bay harbors I sure wish they'd dredge up Carole Baskin's
husband but that ain't gonna happen, unless they dredge up that septic tank.
As you can see, this beadboard has like a tongue and groove to it, anyway that's what we did, but listen
this is your door that you're making your house.

You can pick out whatever you
want baby toy,s Barbie dolls, dead animals whatever you want, whatever
whatever floats your boat .Now the next thing you want to do is get your
plywood laid out and cut it nice and straight around the edges. You want to
cut it to the exact measurements that you want this door to turn out to be. Unless
you is planning to put some sort of trim board around the edges of
it to cover the plywood edges then you want to take that measurement into account
right now and deduct it from the size of your plywood now I'm a master carpenter
myself and I would never leave an exposed plywood edge, but like I said
before this is your door and it's your house and if you don't care who cares man
don't worry about it just just don't you worry about it.
Now that we got our plywood all measured out to the exact size we want the door
right now it's time to make the border.

We're gonna cut this border to the same
exact dimensions as the outside of the plywood. Right okay I'm using some thick
stock you could use something as simple as 1 by 3 and that would make the
perfect border for the edge of your door but like I said it's your door you can
make it as big or as thick or as thin or as short pr as weird as you wanna make it. All
right to make this here border you're gonna want to get yourself a decent
chop saw or a miter saw, you're gonna need some glue to stick things
together and then the fasteners of your choice. Now be careful when you make
your border you don't want to pick fasteners or so dang long they go all the way
clean through to the other sid that would just be insanity. And of course as always
your gonna want to get yourself a healthy dose of patience because when you make this
border and you put it on this plywood man if you just take your time and make
it nice and square and true I guarantee the rest of the project will be a piece of
cake Hey I forgot to tell you you gonna need
a driver and some type of drill to get this next part done unless of course you
using nails then I reckon you wanna get yourself a hammer.

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everything around the house. Welcome back with me as always is my friend and protege and
custom tool caddy Kitty-hold-this. That's right her
name's Kitty-hold-this I named her that because she can hold
just about anything for you including my tool bags which seem to just fall all
over the place if I ain't got know where to put'em You know what today I ain't gonna have time to show you how to hang this door I
got to get right to it. If you want to see how to hang one of
these doors watch one of my upcoming episodes of a little show we're putting
together called Comedians In Houses Fixing Faucets. That's right I'll be
hanging two of these doors at my friend PaulLyon's house he's one hilarious
comedian who tours all over the world on cruise boats and headlines clubs all
over the country and the episode itself is a real hoot.

Well now it's time to get
fancy go ahead start adding the beadbboard and
the glass and some of the other stuff we got picked out. I recommend being safe
and taking your time with something like this especially if you're just starting
out. Don't go nuts or nothing like that just think about it like a big fancy arts and
crafts project and you'll be much better off Well that was one hell of a time warp
wasn't it Kitty? hmm well I tell you what the reason we
did the time warp is because it took me an awful long time to get this all laid
out and put together, it was a while and you'd have been bored out of your
skulls just watching me stare at this thing for hours on end. Anyhow we got
ourselves a border put together which is real nice it gives us an interior.It
gives us a frame to put our interior together.Iif this was a privacy door what
I would be doing is attaching more things here but because we want to be
able to see through this door and let light shine through,🎵 let the light shine
through, because we want to let the light shine through I'm gonna cut these areas
out and we're gonna get it ready for glass.

What do you think of that? 🎵Blues guiter plays… Maybe you can tell a joke, but when your stuff gets broke, what do you do? You give Tommy a call, whether it's large or small, there's no problem he can't see through. Let's laugh and learn with this handy man with Kitty-hold-this by his side. Fixin stuff in a serious way, with a not so serious guy 🎵 Well we got our holes cut and we got
everything glued together on this side Look at me
I'm standing in the middle of my door. Ain't that crazy?
All right what we're gonna do is we're gonna flip this whole bastard over and
do the exact same thing to the other side and then and then we'll get it
ready for glass. Well folks we went ahead and did a couple steps without you but
that's just because that last step was just like the step before it and there
ain't no point in doing the same exact thing twice right? So I got both sides of
the door ready to go now it's time to build something to hold our glass.

right so if you want to hold the glass in you're gonna have to put something nice
in here to make a jam that's what they call a window jamb I use some
quarter-inch oak that I ripped to the exact size of the door, and because I made
everything nice and square these guys will sit in there real nice.Tthen after I
make a nice pretty Jamb inside each hole I'm gonna put some of this here window
bead. This is window bead, that's basically a small little molding that's
designed to hold in a piece of glass when you make a frame out of it. I chose
some stuff that's made out of PVC. Can you believe they making moldings out of PVC these days? Crazy what they can do, this is some kind of extruded
space-age polymer, I chose it because when you spray paint it it with some
metallic paint it makes it look like a piece of metal because it's nice and
smooth.All right then next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and hang
up the door before I put the glass in for two reasons.

One: it'll be a hell of a
lot lighter that way and easier to manage and number two: I don't stand a
chance of breaking some of this here expensive glass before
I even get the door in the house. So I'm on attach these rollers and by the
time I'm done putting these here rollers on we'll be ready to bring this door in
the house.

Well Kiity you and Tommy can hang up
the door. I've had a nice time with you folks, a real nice time with you folks
today, but I'm not allowed in the house no more, not sense that last incident. 🎵Maybe you can tell a joke, but when your stuff gets broke, what do you do? You give Tommy a call, whether it's large or small, there's no problem he can't see through. Let's laugh and learn with this handy man, with Kitty-hold-this by his side Well
folks we got the jambs built and I went ahead and lost the footage that I had of me
putting in the winter bead, can you believe it? Well I didn't lose it, it had
sawdust on the lens when I was recording it, shit you don't care about.

Any how I
did put the window bead in and I want you to take a good look at it.
All right that's the window bead put in nice and straight so that we can just
lay a piece of glass right on top of that. I'll show you what it looks like over here,
check this out, here's the window bead with a piece of glass laying on top and I'm gonna put another window bead right on top of that and it's gonna look
real perty. Stay away from them triangles if you're new to carpentry and
you're trying to put in some stuff and you're kind of new to using a miter saw
well I'll tell you what stay away from triangles because they're trickier shit!
I'm gonna have to make whole video on how to trim out a triangle because I had
no problem I brought plenty of patience with me well I'm in selfie mode right
now and patience spelled backwards is ecknee-a-tap. So just remember you need
plenty of ecknee-a-tap if you won't do triangles.

If you don't have plenty of ecknee-a-tap or patience then stay away from them god damn triangles. Let's go take this thing on in
a house. We're gonna use some furniture rollers I got right here, see them
furniture rollers. I got some furniture rollers because there ain't no sense in
carrying it all the way up the driveway we're gonna roll it up the driveway and
then carry it on in the house and it should just hang
right on the wall.

I can't believe she's still mad about that. Well
tell her once again I'm sorry. Hey it's alright Cleetus man I really appreciate
all the help that you've given us today you're my cousin what can I say, I love
you brother Well folks that just about does it. The
door she's a slidin nice and easy and the conflict zone has been avoided for
the foreseeable future hey but before we go let's check in with
a real expert on the conflict zone and a guy who really knows how to keep wild
animals apart so they don't rip each other's faces off, Joe Exotic. Well I tell you what I
am a bit of an expert when it comes to keeping wild animals from killing each
other. I just wish I could have kept that Carole Baskin from killing her own darn
husband feeding him to the Tigers.

She's a witch you know, but listen if America's
Funniest Handyman is building the door, and I seen that doo,r it is
beautiful because he's one hell of a craftsman not only is he a hell of a
craftsman but he's a good teacher too. I learned a lot from him, his episode
on how to patch a hole sure came in handy cuz I shot up my house when I was
thinking about that darn Carol Baskin. Okay fantastic then well folks that's
all we have time for today as always thanks for letting us bring a little bit
of humor onto your job site 🎵…fixin stuff in a serious way with a not so serious.

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