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hi my name is Michael Walters with Diablo sawblades I'm here today to tell you about the Diablo saw blade program found only at the home depot Diablo was designed to provide solutions that address the pros needs across multiple applications and materials keeping up with the ever-changing trends in the marketplace the biggest trend is the increased use of laminate and man-made materials which has expanded year-over-year and will continue for many years to come most of the structural building material used today such as lvl plywood and OSB use parts and pieces of wood along with glues and resins to create these products when a saw blade cutting at 5,800 rpm gets hot the glue and resin melt and stick to the blade creating pitch buildup or gummy this pitch buildup is a problem because along with rust and corrosion it causes drag which hinders the cutting performance of the saw blade and the users productivity that's why di blow saw blades are coated with read perma shield nonstick coating perma shield coating is not a paint like other blades on the market it's an aluminum alloy that provides nonstick protection from pitch buildup rust and heat it also reduces friction keeping the saw blade cool when cutting to prevent warping that's associated with heat providing Diablo saw blades along cutting life this is extremely important to the pro user where time is money and productivity is profit Diablo saw blade is the thinnest kerf saw blade on the market and its laser cut from the hardest steel kerf which is the overall thickness of cut determines how much material is removed the super thin laser cut kerf of Diablo wastes less material and provides the user with an effortless cut like a hot knife through butter it is laser cut for a very important reason laser cutting is accurate and precise which allows us to introduce other innovative technology to the product line such as laser cut stabilizer vents that reduce chatter or vibration let me show you the loud ringing you hear is vibration or chatter think about the tires on your car when they're out of balance they wobble down the road and you get a very uncomfortable ride but more importantly you wear the tire tread extremely fast due to the vibration because the tire is out of balance the same is true with a saw blade the carbide teeth are designed to cut right down the middle without vibration if you can reduce the vibration or chatter you maximize the carbide cutting life as well as produce a clean accurate cut the most amazing thing about this Diablo saw blade is the carbide teeth Diablo saw blades use Freud Tyco high-density carbide which is a proprietary blend of tungsten carbide cobalt and titanium this carbide has an extremely small grain size that allows it to maintain its cutting edge and stay sharper up to four times longer than any other carbide saw blade on the market remember at the end of the day it's the carbide that's making the cut besides wood Diablo makes a full line offering of saw blades for the pro there is an increased use of alternative building materials such as steel studs and fiber cement products such as hardy board these materials need a specialty saw blade when cutting Diablo has recently introduced the steel demon designed to cut ferrous metals such as steel studs conduit angle iron and even diamond plate this blade can be utilized on a standard 5800 rpm 7 1/4 inch circular saw and provide a clean birf recut remember always refer to your owner's manual for proper rpm and safe operation this metal cutting carbide blade delivers extended cutting life as an example 1 Diablo steel demon will make as many cuts as 40 abrasive blades also brand-new to the market are the Diablo hardy blades these blades are the only approved James Hardy saw blades on the market today they provide superior performance with the least amount of dust Diablo offers a carbide version for small projects and infrequent use as well as a PCD or polycrystalline diamond tip for large projects or frequent use especially when stacking material of the cut that's why Diablo is the pros choice for saw blades and remember you can find these Diablo blades only at the Home Depot

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