DESMONTABLE MESA para ROUTER EN TU SIERRA , Facil y muy barato Dewalt 745

english Hello welcome back ,today we will make with recycled wood A detachable router table I'm going to start by making 1 "strips of wood with this oak wood that I had with me and 8-1/2 " what I intend to do are two squads this is a 3/4 lumber first I make cuts at the end of 2 strips at 45 degrees this is to reinforce and support, and goint to glued to the squads I will glue them but also I will put screws to make the union strong after placing the screws I will have the two support squads I'm going to measure the width between the tubes of my saw and I'm going to cut a crossbar between the two squares I'm going to present the crossbar the intention is that these squares are fixed to the tubes of the saw with screws I'm going to mark it I transferred that brand to the other squad and now I attach it with glue I place a press and also I put screws because it will carry weight mark 3 " each inside of the squads near of the crossbar and I'll drill with 1/4 "bit These holes will depend on where the tubes of your saw are that can be screwed behind the crossbar I am going to make a cavity with a forstner bit to put a nut between the tube and the crossbar I will present it and I'll drill it Remember to drill the wood first and then in the tubes of the saw this is so that the holes are exact this will make your router table detachable now I will mark 1.5" and repeat the same in the squads I will not be able in this part I will lower it a little, to where there is a free place to insert a screw first make the hole for the nut because it will stick to the tubes and the nut will get in the way because it will stick to the tubes and the nut will get in the way you can see that I already put some screws with nut and I make the marks to drill exactly the tube to put it without problems for me it is easier to make a small hole and then a bigger one I missed a bit but that will serve to put the screw like this Now I'll take a scrap board to make the top I'm going to measure the top of my saw across And cut the board the width of the saw I see that it looks good and I go to place the base of the rauter I'm going to place it centered and not too far from the end of the board I will draw two lines, one horizontal and one vertical the vertical will be in the middle and the horizontal to the mark I just drew With the plastic part of the router I will mark the holes to fix the base of the router first we make the hole for the screw head and then we drill the holes this will serve to fix the rauter with the screws to the board I screwed it in with screws about 1/2 "long than the originals now i use a rauter bit to drill the board I turn on and down little by little moving sideways to make the hole a little bigger place the board again and measure with the caliper what is missing for the level of the saw put the increases of the measure you have taken I reduced these increases as I finished taking move the guide, placing the screws on the other side of your saw I will be able to use the guide of my saw in a very precise way, I think the most precise I have seen I'm going to glue the increases and the board to the base I put it in place and put wood clamps on it after drying I remove the clamps and place the router raise or lower the bit as you like lock it connect and test you can use the guide and ruler to make exact cuts of what you want one option would be to cut the guide of the saw If you don't want to do this you can make a wooden guide and place it in front of the saw guide I did this, the only thing I did is make two holes to remove and put on quickly without having clamps now we are going to try it feels smooth and firm I will make a slot with a 1/4 "bit adjust height I place the guide and adjust the rule to zero I adjust to half the distance of my board cut in this case to 3/8 and I will make the groove it is simple is is very accurate, and I will verify it with the caliper 0.205 on both sides it is very accurate this is the result Please subcribe and like it see you next

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